Zetly’s ‘Sport Metaverse’ gives fans an all-in-one bonding experience with their favorite teams

Blockchain sports fandom firm Zetly is running a pilot called “Sport Metaverse.” It leverages the power of VR/AR and tokenized assets on the BSV blockchain to create a broader connection between fans and their favorite teams.

Sport Metaverse sees Zetly partnering with BSV blockchain VR/AR specialist Transmira, as well as gaming projects PowChess and Haste Arcade. The focus is initially on football clubs in Zetly’s home country of Poland.

The plan is to develop a full Metaverse environment where fans can interact with objects in the physical world. By purchasing merchandise such as shirts, scarves, or other memorabilia, fans will also receive an NFT, which they can then use to scan a game arena, access other limited edition NFT collections, and play games to earn.

There will be full 3D “digital twins” of existing venues and their surroundings. These virtual stadiums allow fans to visit and cheer on their team from anywhere in the world and interact with other fans. Club partners and sponsors can also use the virtual space for their own merchandising, giving clubs a new way to generate revenue. The clubs themselves can also issue their own tokens, run crowdfunding campaigns, and create team virtual currencies and other digital collections.

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Physical locations can also be linked to additional information about places, clubs and their history. Fans can visit the real world locations and learn more about their favorite teams and the locations where their teams play.

“The Sport Metaverse is an opportunity for advancement and a tool to engage fans, which is an ideal investment for those who put a close relationship with their fans first. We propose a solution that will revolutionize the world of sports. In this project we want to use the experiences from 3D scanning of buildings in Los Angeles. We believe our Omniscape™ platform is the perfect partner for Zetly in the sports programming,” said Robert Rice, CEO of Transmira.

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Transmira’s Omniscape is a growing platform that uses real-world locations and creates an interactive digital layer for businesses looking to engage with consumers. Leveraging the massive capacity of the BSV blockchain for data processing and tokenization capabilities, it enables new and unique customer experiences and lets companies get creative with novel marketing opportunities. Rich virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technology interacts with NFTs for special offers, events, tickets and other experiences.

In the Sport Metaverse, these other experiences include mini-games and “other engagement tools” developed by PowChess and Haste Arcade, who have used the BSV blockchain to create fun casual games where players can win real money. Haste Arcade’s Instant Leaderboard Payouts system offers players quick gratification on their winnings by paying them out with real-time micropayments.

Zetly CEO Michael Glijer said that after the limited pilot program, his company aims to expand Sports Metaverse to other teams and sports.

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“This program is unique because it has almost everything a sports club needs in the Web3 ecosystem, and the beauty of it is that it’s free,” he said.

“We want to create a kind of snowball effect with these sports brands together with our partners and with the BSV blockchain support. It’s a win-win situation for us,” he added.

Zetly creates what it calls an “all-in-one sports platform” based on the emotional bonds fans form with their favorite teams. Interacting with the VR/AR capabilities and the tokenized digital environment will give them an additional sense of belonging and influence beyond just buying tickets and cheering from the stands.

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