Zenoss, Louisiana Technology Group Partner To Deliver AIOps Full-Stack Monitoring

Austin, Texas – (Business Line) – Zenoss Inc. A leading provider of AI-driven full-fledged monitoring today announced a significant partnership with Louisiana Technology Group (LATG), a leading provider of information technology solutions and products. Ideal for government agencies, municipalities, school systems. And corporate clients.

From key national security government mission plans to implementing new desktop computing strategies for university systems to 24/7/365 managed security services, LATG has partnered with Zenoss to ensure its customers’ visibility and transparency. Fully understand across their IT infrastructure and that their IT services and applications are always open.

Tony Digitalos, co-founder of LATG, said: “Digital change is changing IT forever and our customers are looking to us for innovative solutions that will help them manage their modern environment.” “This partnership will help us together to provide advanced monitoring and observation capabilities to some of today’s most complex IT environments.”

Zenoss is a full-fledged AI-powered control platform that streams all host data, allowing for the emergence of contexts for preventing service interruptions in complex modern IT environments. Zenoss utilizes the most powerful machine learning and real-time analytics to give companies the ability to scale and adapt to the changing needs of their business.

Pritesh Upadhyay, Head of Revenue at Zenoss, said: “I am thrilled with the channel’s partnership with LATG and the key objectives and results we have come to expect together.” “The alignment with LATG is strong and it is a privilege to come up with a highly respected institution. The Zenoss partner ecosystem is stronger today.”

About Zenoss

Zenoss works with the world’s major organizations to ensure that their IT services and applications are always open. Providing complete control, integrated with AIOps, Zenoss collects all kinds of machine data, including metrics, event data, stream data, and logs to create real-time IT services models that train machine learning algorithms to provide analytical capabilities. Strong AIOps. . This allows IT Ops and DevOps teams to optimize the implementation of forecasting software and eliminate power outages and reduce IT costs in a modern hybrid IT environment. For more information about Zenoss, visit https://www.zenoss.com.


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