Xebia to hire 1,200 people in India by March; eyes emerging tech firms

US-based tech firm Xebia plans to hire 1,200 people in India by March 2023 as it sees growth opportunities in the digital transformation space despite weak macroeconomic conditions, a senior company official said. Anand Sahay, CEO of Xebia Global, told PTI that all companies are looking for change and that the sector is in high demand. This is why the company plans to open new centers around the world, including India, and acquire companies working in artificial intelligence. , cloud computing, augmented reality and virtual reality, etc. He said the company is short of 1,700 based on a demand assessment, and even with conservative estimates, Xebia will need 1,200 by the first quarter of 2023. now in Colombia. We could start in Chile at the end of Q1. We are looking forward to the growth of our Chennai center.

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”We have about 200 people in Bhopal and we think we should go to at least 500. Jaipur has about 600 people. We are planning about 1,200 people there. We are actually adding more satellite offices in Kochi or other parts of India,” said Sahay.

Last week the company acquired Netlink Digital Solutions Group (NDS), a Michigan-based low-code digital transformation company. The acquisition will add about 1,000 additional staff over the course of the year and will help Xebia expand its operations in Bhopal and the southern region, he added. Talking about the macroeconomic impact, Sahay said the company is keeping an eye on inflation because it usually affects salaries, but talent won’t be leaving the workforce in 2023 because the market won’t be as explosive as in 2021. . ”I don’t see customers saying they don’t need the software anymore. In the realm we’re in, mostly innovative software development or something chaotic, our customers continue to spend money.

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”I think it’s more of an internal problem that we need to address. What should the pay structure look like when inflation is 16% in Poland? So those are the issues, but not from the business side,” he points out.

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The way the world is moving, he said, will require Xebia to make more acquisitions in cloud services and expand its presence across multiple geographies. You are already one of the experts in the functional world and can do serious work on blockchain. We’re now spending some money incubating AR and VR. I think it’s important to start playing in that use case. We can do small acquisitions in that space too,” he noted.

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