WT? A TikTok tip – Use AI bot to cheat on homework

MANILA, Philippines – The Filipino creator begins with tilting his front camera from his front ceiling, a classic opening for TikTok video.

“Check out this site that can help with writing essays for school,” he says, almost shouting at his phone.

“This is ChatGPT. It is a chatbot AI (artificial intelligence) that can do anything.

The back camera shows his computer waiting for the demonstration.

“Write me 500 articles that show the earth is not flat,” he wrote.

He typed “enter”.

ChatGPT shares a history of broken ideas and combines the strongest evidence against it, like a curve that is clearly visible when we look at the horizon. It concludes that the roundness of the earth makes sea voyage possible.

The creators are happy with the result: “If you have homework. “It was done immediately.”

This video has been viewed at least 1.8 million times as of December 26, 2022. There are dozens of other videos like this in different languages, with students thanking the creators for the tips.

Get to know ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the newest beloved internet chatbot.

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AI chatbot, ChatGPT can write stories, write essays, solve math problems and even code, all of which are useful for students in school scams.

It was created by OpenAI, a research firm whose mission is “to ensure that artificial intelligence is beneficial to all mankind.”

Released on November 30, it has become a story for many people, from storytellers, psychologists, model makers, e-mails, friends, and to many students as ghost writers.

This release is recent and the concept of AI for some teachers is so complex that schools are still trying to find ways to find and stop scams.

How is it used to deceive?

ChatGPT is a language model, an AI system that receives large amounts of text to learn word order while improving it with human feedback.

ChatGPT was integrated by researchers with new scripts until 2021, making almost all the topics up to that year a topic that ChatGPT could create.

The “fed” data to ChatGPT includes a large number of articles from different languages, as well as different form levels. It can respond to specific statements such as “Write an article about Twitter with a lot of slogans”. It can also be written in Shakespearean.

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ChatGPT learns how people use language, is processed by the vocabulary of almost all subjects, and is then programmed to respond to someone’s request.

ChatGPT is not just a writing partner like Wikipedia, Google or YouTube. It is the author himself.

Why stopping AI-assisted fraud is difficult

There is no money yet.

Many websites have been created to see how AI-sounding a body of text is, but so far no website has been created to search for AI-generated text types.

As of December 2022 – still close to the public release of ChatGPT, researchers are still looking for better ways to find out if an article was created by AI, MIT Technology Review writes. Technology Review wrote.

To supplement the inadequate detection tools so far, researchers have advised teachers to train themselves to look for jobs created by AI.

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They taught AI offerings such as excessive use of “the” and the absence of typing – red flags that deceive students could be easily removed by deliberate deletion and misspellings.

ChatGPT Weaknesses

The limit that teachers can use against student cheating is the ChatGPT personal limit of textbooks until 2021.

This means that writing motivation related to 2022 and its next year (i.e. the future) is a non-existent topic for ChatGPT.

Asking such a question will generate a response that explains that it is just a language sample and that it can not learn about events By itself, beyond what it teaches.

In addition, since ChatGPT is a language model that tends to generate the same logical response, teachers can ask it to answer the questions set in their class, then they can use the AI ​​response as a guide in Finding similarities with the work of their students. .

Of course, we all know that this is not enough to give a teacher peace of mind. – Rappler.com


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