Worthplaying | ‘USC: Counterforce’ Is An Old-school Tactical Squad Shooter, Demo Later This Week, Early Access In Q1 2023

Lead your space commandos in an epic revival of turn-based squad tactics inspired by XCOM, Space Hulk and Aliens, with deep skill and combat systems and multiple game modes. Uncover the truth behind the sinking of the MC83-A colony and protect humanity from an ancient alien threat.

Players control a hardened assault team of suit-and-boots commandos tasked with investigating and neutralizing the remnants of an unidentified alien threat on planetary body M-8322. But upon arrival, things don’t go according to plan…

With a class-free skill system and a variety of weapons and gadgets to use against the alien wave, players must guide their marines through extremely challenging missions across multiple game modes. The demo already demonstrates the infinite replayability of the finished game with hours of unique challenges.

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With fully interactive, layered, destructible environments, players can utilize terrain and building layouts to maximize their defensive or offensive positions. Coupled with environmental hazards, buildable barricades, and walls that can be destroyed, the tactical opportunities to attack or retreat from combat positions are vast. Since alien enemies are also capable of executing similar tactics, USC: Counterforce builds on its depth layers to create a unique, atmospheric experience.

A new demo will be released at this year’s TactiCon, the digital event on Steam that celebrates unique strategy video games. Developed by Firesquid Games and Hooded Horse, TactiCon will highlight the brilliant and creative minds making strategy games of all kinds and gather the players who love them.

USC: Counterforce will be available via Steam Early Access in Q1 2023.

Main features:

  • Assemble your ultimate squad to face any situation thanks to our unique class-free skill and progression system. Hundreds of weapons and gadgets are available to suit your play style
  • Outwit aliens in epic battles by making powerful tactical decisions, unleashing combos and initiating interactions with the environment of all kinds;
  • Access Huge Content at Launch: USC:CF offers massive replayability through a fully randomized campaign, customizable missions, multiple game modes, and local co-op with Steam’s Remote Play Together
  • Experience a real space/alien horror fantasy; Explore and fight your way through abandoned bases and mining facilities in a dark, cramped and deadly environment where danger lurks around every corner – you must be prepared for anything! Head cameras on each marine bring you even closer to the horror!
  • Uncover the truth behind the sinking of the MC83-A colony and protect humanity from an ancient alien threat.
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USC: Counterforce is in development for PC (Steam).

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