Woman Accidently Breeding Golden German Shepherds Delights Internet

A video of a dog’s accidental pregnancy has gone viral on TikTok with 7.7 million views. In the video, Salt Lake City-based TikTok user Paisenpaibaiiii documents the pregnancy of her tough dog, explaining that her brother’s golden retriever accidentally made her German Shepherd pregnant.

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The video shows a German Shepherd dog, and explains: “My dog ​​carried my siblings a month before they were due to be fixed, and that’s how it went…

“Lots of emotion with hours, days and weeks of research and vet appointments.

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Nothing about this was glamorous. It was one of the most difficult experiences of our life. All we hope is that each puppy brings as much joy and happiness into the lives of their new owners as their parents brought us 🫶🏼

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“60 days of planning and preparing for the best possible outcome.

“The birth did not go as planned. $6,000 Emergency Department c.

“Feeding 11 puppies was difficult for their mother, so they had to bottle-feed them every two hours. We barely got any sleep for weeks.

“TikTok video can’t fully comprehend how difficult it is. But we’re making the most of it and enjoying the pups while we can.”

In the caption, Payson wrote: “Nothing about this was magical. It was one of the most difficult experiences of our lives. All we wish is that each puppy brings as much joy and happiness to their new owners as it brings parents to us.”

Bottle feeding puppies
A picture of stock puppies showing them being bottle fed. A woman documented the difficult pregnancy of her German shepherd, resulting in 11 pups and bottle feeding them overnight.
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The pregnancy in this case was an accident, as the father dog was to be neutered. Earth and Animal Advocates reports that 27 million cats and dogs are born in the United States each year and that: “Since no homes can be found for all of them, between 10 and 12 million of these animals will be killed.”

The Humane Society cites a University of Georgia study based on the medical records of more than 70,000 animals that showed neutered male dogs lived 13.8 percent longer than unvaccinated males, and with female dogs the difference in life expectancy was discovered. 26.3 percent.

They also found that: “The mean lifespan of death for healthy dogs was 7.9 years versus 9.4 years for significantly greater age for denatured dogs.”

TikToker Alexis C said, “As a veterinary professional, this is what I hope people see when they decide to become ‘breeders.’ It’s not easy and it’s a lot on you and it’s a dollar.”

User Melanie Demi | Dogs + Travel commented: “I really appreciate you showing the truth of this. But it also hurts me so much when people don’t keep their healthy dogs away from each other.”

Deer wrote: “Girl!!! You are a complete rock star. You do the best work for dogs and puppies and their future. They are so lucky to have you. Love from Houston.”

NEWSWEEK Reached out to Paisen for comment.

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