What’s up dock? Some Pixel 7 series users are having issues with the Pixel Stand

What could be more annoying than buying a new phone and finding out that the main accessory you bought doesn’t work with it? Maybe banging your head on the open freezer door for the umpteenth time is enough, but we digress. It seems that a group of Pixel 7 series owners who already owned the first or second generation Pixel Stand or bought the Pixel Stand 2 alongside the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro are having trouble getting the dock to work bring.

A Reddit user by the name “UKMario” who owns a Pixel 7 Pro wrote all about the issue he is having. He says: “When I put my phone on it it starts the setup process, but when it gets to the part where I can select my home control devices the app crashes and goes back to the home screen. Every now and then I get a prompt asking to set up the stand, I go through the set up process only to be prompted again about 10 minutes later. Also, the phone will not charge.”
He finds that his Pixel 6 Pro works perfectly with his Pixel Stand 2, so he knows the accessory is in perfect working order. He even tried factory resetting his Pixel 7 Pro and wiping the data in the Pixel Stand app but to no avail.

Others complained that their Pixel 7 series device’s screen went black in the dock, and one noted that he couldn’t unlock his phone when he took it off the stand. This has happened to more than one Redditor, and both pointed out that the under-display fingerprint sensor was not available on their phones after they were undocked.

Google will likely have to fix this issue with a software update. The November update is due on November 7th (the first Monday of the month) and the quarterly Pixel Feature Drop should arrive on December 5th. One of these two updates could contain a fix.
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The second-gen Pixel Stand costs $79 and wirelessly charges your Pixel 6 or Pixel 7 series phones at 23W. It also charges Qi-compatible devices at 15W, including the Pixel 3, Pixel 4, and Pixel 5. The Pixel Stand 2 also invokes a dedicated interface on compatible Pixel models, allowing you to connect your smart home devices through a hub can control -like interface.

If you’re having issues with the Pixel 7 range and the Pixel Stand (either 1 or 2, as there have been complaints about both generations of the device), you may have to wait for Google to issue a fix.

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