What Marketers Should Expect From CES This Year

Tens of thousands of industry professionals will come to Las Vegas this January for the first full-scale Consumer Electronics Show in three years.

After all the virtual shows in 2021 and a scaled down version last January. Organizers expect this iteration of the tech industry’s largest trade show to return in a format that is at least 70% bigger than last year’s event, attracting 45,000 people and over 3,000 exhibitors, and 2.1 million square feet of exhibition space

The program will also follow this year’s first overarching theme: “Human Security for All” in collaboration with the United Nations.

Below are some of the trends that could shape this year’s show.

Health and transportation technology is growing.

The bread and butter of this show is, of course, the device of the future. which includes electric cars health equipment And all sorts of smart devices have been on the rise in recent years. Senior Vice President Kinsey Fabrizio said: The trend is expected to continue this year with a wider variety of mobile devices and transportation. Including a real flying car demonstration and the crowded health technology industry with increased demand from the pandemic. of membership and CES sales at the Consumer Technology Association, the trade group hosting CES.

Before the pandemic, CTA made concerted efforts to rely on healthcare technologies such as remote monitoring. telemedicine and wearable equipment which is a trend that the outbreak of COVID-19 only accelerated

“Key healthcare leaders are going to be at CES this year,” Fabrizio said. “Moderna will be at CES—their CEO will speak—Teladoc will be at CES for the first time.”

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While fitness technology and electric vehicles are not the go-to destination for marketers, they are. But new platforms, such as in-car entertainment systems or at-home exercise programs, may provide opportunities for support.

Metaverse and NFT will be displayed throughout the exhibition area.

Virtual reality and augmented reality devices will undoubtedly play an important role. When it comes to the metaverse that will permeate every part of the show floor this year,

In addition to the actual hardware Organizers say the event will lean heavily on all metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), despite the recent turmoil in the market. cryptocurrency This made some executives wary about anything related to web3, the overarching term for the technology. Proponents say it will be a new version of the internet.

“Metaverse and web3 are new themes for us,” says Fabrizio. Every part of CES and the tech industry is talking about it.”

But the recent bankruptcy of FTX and the collapse of the market cryptocurrency What follows may cast a shadow on this part of the event. Though that conflict rarely affects technologies like the metaverse, according to Kassan, NFT also suffered a sales slump for months before FTX collapsed as early ad hype appeared to be waning.

“Marketers now seem to be merging all FTXs with blockchain and NFT. “Oh, it’s all that,’ and I don’t think that will be,” Kassan said. At least for now.”

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Retail media networks will have a bigger presence.

While visitors often come to CES with their eyes on the future, Seeing the technology that might change the world in the next few years. The looming economic uncertainty in the new year may drive marketers on a tight budget to focus on technology that actually works. good for short-term profits

Elav Horwitz, Director of Global Innovation and Creative Partner at McCann Worldgroup, said: “2022 is all about escape… Trying to find a new playground for all of us to play in.” “I think CES 2023 will be more about realism and realism.”

Top of that list are retail media chains, which are set to have a bigger presence in the event’s advertising, and this year’s media-focused C-Space. Walmart will have a much bigger presence at this year’s show. This is because it tries to increase its Walmart Connect advertising arm, as well as Amazon’s ads.

Michael Kassan, CEO of management consultancy MediaLink, known for his big CES appearances, said “a hugely interesting aspect is the explosion in retail media,” said Michael Kassan. Media will be media spending retail with Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Target and every other retailer rightly viewed as an area with huge growth potential.”

Economic uncertainty could hamper participation.

Experts say the expected slowdown in next year’s first quarter could see attendance drop as tourism budgets are likely to be hiked in the first week of the holidays. That could make its presence more muted for some industries that have been hit hard by the faltering economy, such as advertising.

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“I think people are looking at it and saying, ‘I will have more choices in the journey I choose. And many companies, especially in our industry, don’t just stop at hiring. in the past half year And I think that could go a little bit further as well,” said Kassan.

Leading the streaming landscape

As the connected TV industry faces volatility this year, As major streamers adjust their strategies, Netflix will emerge for the first time as a major advertiser as the service seeks to kick off a new level of ad sponsorship with its channel, C-Space. Other equipment makers will have a big show at the event as well.

Marketers will be searching for answers on how to stay ahead of the latest moves in ad-supported video streaming services, such as Disney Plus, that have launched their own ad options, Kassan said. understand how brands can survive and thrive in streaming in the connected TV world.”

‘Human stability’ will shape the show

Many of the launches and exhibitions held by the participating brands have sustainability or social good as the theme of this year’s event. will highlight its sustainability goals with an exhibition titled “A better life for everyone” and Samsung will present its vision of “Sustainable Innovation”

“I find sustainability is going to be big this year,” says Horwitz. “I hope the innovations we see will be more practical. human friendly and aiming for good in the world this year.”


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