What is TikTok Now? TikTok’s BeReal clone explained

(Pocket-lint) – Another day, another new TikTok feature. This one is called TikTok Now, and it’s particularly interesting because it’s a clone of BeReal, another app that’s actively stealing the spotlight from TikTok. Also, TikTok has spun off TikTok Now into its own app to download and use. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is TikTok Now?

In September 2022, TikTok launched a new feature that is basically a copy of BeReal, the popular French social app.

BeReal invites users to take a photo with the front and back cameras at a random time each day so they can present or capture a more realistic view of their day. TikTok Now works in a similar way. TikTok Now invites “you and your friends to use your device’s front and back cameras to capture what you’re doing.” You will receive a daily notification to take a video or photo to quickly share what you are doing.


A week after launching TikTok Now, TikTok rolled out the feature as a standalone mobile app to global markets outside of the US, primarily on iOS.

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How does TikTok Now work?

TikTok Now, the feature

TikTok Now, the feature, is available for US users. In the press images, you can see that “Now” has landed in the bottom navigation bar next to the post button. Tap the Now button (lightning bolt icon) to see an Explore feed of TikTok Nows — or, as TikTok called it, “A Daily Photo and Video Experience” — from the “People Who Matter Most.” You’ll also get a daily prompt to take a 10-second video or static photo to easily share what you’re up to.

TikTok Now has some privacy features. For one, users must be 18 to share their TikTok Now posts on the Explore Feed. For users 13-15, only your friends—people you follow and follow you back—can comment on your posts. Even for 18+ users, the default setting only allows friends to see your posts, although they can change their settings to share them with the public.

TikTok Now, the app

TikTok said it will be experimenting with TikTok Now in the coming weeks.

In regions outside of the US, TikTok Now is available as a new TikTok Now app. The app works similarly to the TikTok Now experience currently built into the TikTok app in the US. But as a separate mobile app that you have to download to use, users can opt-in to receiving the push notifications for check-ins – which is handy if you prefer your TikTok app notifications to be muted but want to be notified of new ones Now. Remember that BeReal notifies its users via push notifications, telling them “it’s time for BeReal” with alert emojis. TikTok Now’s notification is similar, alerting users to “Time to Now” with lightning emojis.

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By default, when someone under the age of 16 signs up for a standalone TikTok Now app, their account is set to private. Otherwise, the privacy features of TikTok Now are the same for the app and the feature.

Where is TikTok Now available?

TikTok Now iOS App is available in the following territories: Myanmar, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Qatar, Poland, Belgium, New Zealand, Guatemala, Austria, Bahrain, South Africa, Finland, Ghana, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Greece, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Israel, Nigeria, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Algeria, Malaysia, Sweden, Italy, Morocco, Lebanon, Mexico, Denmark, Egypt, Dominican Republic and Romania.

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There is also an Android version of the TikTok Now app live in Bermuda.

The TikTok Now feature is live in the US only.

Is TikTok Now free to use?

Yes, the feature is free in the TikTok app, and the standalone mobile app is also free.

Will TikTok add TikTok Now outside of the US?

TikTok has declined to specify at this point whether the feature will be launched within the TikTok app outside of the US.

Is there anything else you should know?

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Written by Maggie Tillman.

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