What is Netflix Profile Transfer feature, how can I use it, and more

Netflix Profile Transfer: What is the Netflix Profile Transfer feature, how do I use it and more

according to a Netflix Announcement introduced a new feature called “Profile Transfer” to facilitate life changes. Anyone using your account can easily transfer their current profile, which includes settings, saved games, recommendations, viewing history, My List and more, to a new account using the profile transfer tool.

Additionally, Netflix will send an email to all eligible subscribers with options to opt out and allow immediately to notify them of the feature. Users can use the disable option if they don’t want to allow this feature on their account. If none of the options are selected, the feature will be automatically activated 10 days after October 20, 2022.

  1. what does Netflix Profile Transfer mean?
    People using your account have the option to transfer their profile, which includes settings, saved games, recommendations, watch history, My List, and more, to a membership they’ve paid for. There is no cost associated with enabling this feature, and Netflix will never transfer users’ payment information to the new account. PIN-protected profiles and profiles for minors cannot be transferred. The new account will receive the transfer of all saved games and game progress linked to a profile.
  2. Who can use Netflix profile transfer feature?
    When the profile feature is enabled, anyone with access to your account can move an eligible profile to a new account. No other devices on your account will be signed out and no one will be prevented from using your Netflix account if you allow profile transfers.
  3. What happens if I turn off profile transfer on Netflix?
    Any previously transferred profiles will not be affected by disabling profile transfers. You can turn profile transfers back on at any time from your account page.
  4. Can I change the profile transfer setting later?
    You can change the profile transfer preference by visiting your account settings page.
  5. What are the benefits of the Netflix profile transfer feature?
    User’s custom suggestions, My List, saved games, playing history and other settings will be saved when they start their own subscription after the service is made available to all users worldwide.
  6. How can I use Netflix profile transfer?
    • Sign in to your account
    • Go to your account page
    • In the Settings section, select Enable Profile Transfers.
    • Choose Allow
    • You will receive an email with the subject ‘Account update: Profile transfer is now available for your account’
    • Select the “Allow Immediately” option.
    • After verification, your profile will be transferred and you will have a separate account


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