Western Colorado Home to Fastest Internet Ever

MONTROSE, Colorado–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elevate Internet further cemented Montrose and Delta counties as world-class Internet hubs with the introduction of two new multi-gig Internet speeds, 2 Gig and 6 Gig. Available to homeowners and businesses alike, these extreme speeds are designed to handle even the largest bandwidth demands.

“Broadband requirements have grown exponentially over the past decade and this trend will continue. That’s why Elevate is committed to building a fiber network that can grow with our communities. Today, we are delivering on that promise,” said Kent Blackwell, Elevate Internet’s interim CEO and chief technology officer.

Elevate’s new multi-gig internet services are available to both residential and business customers. Customized packages with more than 10 gig are also available after consultation.



150Mbps – $54.95/month

150Mbps – $79.95/month

1GB (1000Mbps) – $79.95/month

1 Gig (1,000 Mbps) – $159.95/month

2GB (2,000Mbps) – $129.95/month

2GB (2000Mbps) – $319.95/month

6GB (6,000Mbps) – $189.95/month

6GB (6,000Mbps) – $499.95/month

“It’s hard to visualize just what this advancement means for Elevate and our communities when you consider that just a few years ago the average internet speed was just 10 Mbps. Six years later, and now not only are more than 12,000 homes and businesses connected to our network, they also have access to one of the most advanced fiber optic networks in the country. Our communities are not left behind. They are leaders,” Blackwell said.

The new 2 and 6 gig internet services are available across Elevate’s footprint in Montrose and Delta counties. Consumers can upgrade their service by calling 844-386-8744 or place new orders at www.elevateinternet.com.

About Elevate

Elevate was built by the Delta-Montrose Electric Association and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Electric Cooperative. In 2016, Elevate began building a 100% fiber optic internet network in DMEA’s local communities to bring much-needed fast and reliable internet to rural western Colorado. Today, Elevate provides Gigabit Internet access to more than 20,000 DMEA members and provides the fastest, most reliable Internet available to more than 12,000 customers. The range of services includes Internet speeds from 150 Mbit/s up to 1 gig, television and landline telephone. Learn more or sign up for the service at elevateinternet.com.

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