Wayzata High School Hosts ‘Women in Construction Day’

4:56 p.m. | Friday, November 4, 2022

at Wayzata High School on Friday. Construction leaders tout the benefits of students in the industry that may not have been thought of over the years.

“I believe in the past year either college or any trades. related seem less We just have to get that out of everyone’s minds,” said Heidi Blanck, an associate professor of construction management at Northern Michigan University who helped organize the event on Friday.

The event, dubbed ‘Women in Construction Day’, has created a marked gender disparity among the industry’s workforce, with only 9 percent of construction workers being women. Educators say they need to change.

“We want them to understand that it’s not a career just for boys,” says Blank. “It’s definitely something every girl has a chance to pursue. it’s very worth it No matter where you are in the industry You can achieve great success with income and financial benefits. It is just a great opportunity for those who appreciate tangible results.”

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Black pointed to a variety of tasks on the field. This includes construction management. The career path is expected to grow 10 percent over the next five years at an average wage of $45 an hour, according to Northern Michigan Statistics.

for students It was an opportunity to hear about a career they might not have thought of.

Ally Cole, a Wayzata student who sees herself in the home improvement industry, said: “I didn’t know it was so easy to get involved with construction.” “There are so many opportunities you can have. So you can find what you like instead of having a single job that you have to do.”

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Wayzata student Alexis Schoen finds interest in hooking up with her brother.

“All events are different types of events,” Schoen said about Friday. “But they are all related in some way.”

The representative points to a wide range of careers in the industry where internships are available. which you will receive as you learn

Marisa Dickey discovered a career as a project engineer with Mortenson Construction in Golden Valley.

“Mortenson has done an amazing job of attracting more women,” Dickey said. “We have a number of outreach groups. We have a mentoring program where you can be paired with someone who has been in the industry a little longer. So if you need any help You can really go to them. And they will give you the advice you need.”

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Friday’s events included a virtual station where Mortenson’s wind turbines were exhibited. Dickey said renewable energy projects generated half of the company’s revenue.

Other stations allow students to learn how to develop the city. This includes everything from budget to construction constraints.

women in construction

Students test a virtual simulator of a wind turbine.

Different areas remind students of the important role they play in building society.

“Where would we be without construction,” Black said, “if you want your roads? you want your building your hospital your shopping mall your stadium We need people to create it. and they are professional That’s the greatest. It’s a career.”

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