Want to disinfect your iPhone? Go to a McDonald’s restroom

McDonald's logo on city background.

Screenshots of McDonald’s/Chris Matyszczyk

Imagine this.

Go to McDonald’s and do something a little different.

technically incorrect

No, I’m not going through the drive thru and complaining that it’s taking too long.

Instead, you go back in time a bit and order at the counter, in a cozy plastic booth, and choose to sit in a cozy plastic chair.

You look around and soak in the brightness of it all. You recall the time you spent at McDonald’s a few years ago. Perhaps you can even order ice cream.

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But then you feel you need a bathroom.

At some McDonald’s, this wasn’t always a happy thing. The constant flow of people and the constant lack of toilet etiquette is not easy to manage.

But I guarantee that a relatively new attraction can change the way you think about McDonald’s establishments.

May I present WOSH? This is one of the most enchanting, inspiring and refreshing bathroom ideas I’ve ever seen.

Sustainable hand washing stand.

“What’s up?” Yes, being sustainable is important and laundry has become a thing during the pandemic. But seriously, stop saving the planet. We are talking about McDonald’s here. Meat can’t save the planet.

Oh, but there’s something very creative about WOSH. A slot for your smartphone to keep it smart and clean.

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i know It sounds weird. And yes, it should be mentioned that this invention is only available at Japanese McDonald’s.

But please, watch this and see if you want to enjoy this too.

WOSH reuses 98% of the water it uses. “When you start washing your hands, a bright ring of light appears, intuitively counting down to the recommended 30 seconds,” the creators said. “You naturally form good hygiene habits.”

And thanks to the deep UV rays, it promises to kill 99.9% of your phone.

And you’re obviously aware that your smartphone is likely to be one of the dirtiest objects in your daily life.

But don’t you think it’s an extra good idea?

It’s a surprisingly thoughtful way to deliver more than customers expect.

McDonald’s has been skyrocketing in technology lately. Could this WOSH be installed at a McDonald’s in the US and become a real attraction to customers?

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Buy a hamburger and get a sterilized phone for free!

Oh, I don’t think all American McDonald’s customers will appreciate this. How can I keep this phone sanitizer clean when everything around me is not clean? And if McDonald’s doesn’t even have an ice cream machine, how can they keep it up?

Of course, American fast food brands are now quite ambivalent about attracting guests to their restaurants. Staffing was a problem. The pandemic has helped make drive-thru and delivery a huge opportunity. So why bother using so many properties for relatively low returns?

Again, it would never be wise to underestimate the human fascination with the unexpected.

McDonald’s in the US is already charging more for the food, so perhaps it can give your bathroom a luxurious feel and provide a delightful little touch.

A person can dream.


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