VR classic “The Blu” makes a free comeback

VR classic “The Blu” returns for free with new content.

Image: Wevr

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TheBlu is the jaw-dropping 2016 unique VR experience that showcases room-scale virtual reality. now it’s back

The original was released just in time for the HTC Vive launch in April 2016.

You will encounter whales on the shipwreck deck and Look into the eyes of majestic beasts.Find yourself in the middle of coral reefs and bioluminescent jellyfish and sea turtles. Or dive with a torch into the pitch-black depths where massive underwater creatures await you.

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With Vive controllers, you can move freely within locations and interact with realistically rendered environments. Technical sensation in 2016.

As a reminder, the Oculus Rift, which launched the same year, doesn’t support room-sized virtual reality and ships with an Xbox gamepad instead of a VR controller. With VR experiences like TheBlu, Valve and HTC stole the show from Oculus and Facebook Blu is probably the most played VR demo with Tilt Brush.

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Swim with Hammerhead Sharks

Nearly seven years later, Wevr, the studio in charge, is back with an update on the VR classic.

A new version of the VR experience has been released on Steam optimized for DLC and comes with: New features and content.

“We redesigned the product from the ground up to make it easier to create and share new episodes in the future. which can be accessed as DLC,” the studio writes.

Abbildungen aller vier Inhalte for theBlu, one neuer DLC-Inhalt wird angeteasert and ist noch verdeckt.

Episodes that exist until now There’s more to follow | Image: Wevr

TheBlu is now free to play. The whale encounters are free and the rest of the DLC are paid. Including the newest episode “Hammerhead Cove,” this ship will take you to the Caribbean. where you will meet peaceful hammerhead sharks other shark species and the fish in the dimly lit sea

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The studio has also updated its artificial navigation and movement to today’s standards. Support hand tracking.


TheBlu is currently only available on Steam, but a Quest version is expected to be released soon.

TheBlu becomes a platform

The team has the opportunity to receive additional content.

“From now on, we will continue to develop new and unique DLC episodes, and… we will open up TheBlu to creators around the world to experience new oceans. all kinds of creatures and habitats,” the team wrote.

Wevr has created its own cloud platform called WVS (Wevr Virtual Studio) for this very purpose. The VR experience update was developed with WVS by experts from Los Angeles, Florida and the Netherlands.

You can find TheBlu on Steam DLC for $2.


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