Visit Clovelly, The Fishing Village Once Owned By England’s Queen

On the westernmost point of the North Devon coast, the village of Clovelly has been restored to its former glory. The Queen of England originally owned the charming, historic fishing village of Clovelly which is one of a kind. Privately owned since Elizabeth I, Clovelly has retained its authentic feel. Although there are residents in Clovelly, the town is a popular tourist destination as visitors can see first hand what the lifestyle in this part of the province was like in the 18th century. It has a slightly romantic charm due to the structures and the sweeping views of the bay. Tourists can easily imagine what this community looked like two centuries ago when trekking the extremely steep routes. Let’s see what this quaint community has to offer visitors.


Let’s experience Clovelly

The Fisherman’s Cottage Museum

One of the most intriguing sights in Clovelly is a cottage built like a 19th-century fisherman’s cottage. It’s an incredible place to explore and soak up the heritage, full of antique furniture and even fisherman’s clothes. Visitors can tour the inside of the house to see how a household of Clovelly fishermen lived in the 1930s. Simple rustic furniture, vivid photographs, and religious carvings are just a few of the household items that have adorned the drawing room.

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The house is packed with fascinating facts and antiquated images that provide a snapshot of Clovelly’s fishing history. Made of stone and thatch, like the village’s older cottages, it is one of England’s many museums.

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Take part in a craft workshop

The handicraft workshops are among the first sights visitors encounter when leaving the tourist center. Visitors to the Clovelly Pottery Studio can make and customize their own pots and shop from local artists. In addition, there is a charming soap shop where people can buy locally made soaps.

Clive Pearson founded Ceramics in 1992 and offers a wide range of his premium, exquisitely painted hand thrown vessels. In addition, the workshop offers a variety of ceramics made by many Western County artisans. Clovelly Silk is known for its beautiful scarves, especially the gorgeous designs and jewellery. The workshops cover a variety of related trades including silk dyeing and textile design. The workshops are a great way to get to know the area better and take home a souvenir of the visit.

Check out the port

Visitors can descend to the viewpoint by taking the steep path after discovering the heritage. The port is a great area to stop and admire the houses and the rise of the hill while looking out to sea. The site has long served as a meeting place for locals, where visitors can rest on a bench and enjoy the expansive harbor views. People would also be on the lookout there for fishing boats returning to Clovelly. Today it is a peaceful and picturesque spot and an excellent spot for taking photos of the coast below, one of Devon’s many stunning views.

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The courtyard garden

A visit to the famous village is incomplete without seeing Clovelly Court Gardens. Vegetation thrives in this sheltered, sunny area of ​​North Devon and benefits from the added warmth of the Gulf Stream.

Within its ancient walls, tourists will see neat, meticulously tended gardens and beautifully preserved Victorian greenhouses. In addition, the rows of gardens with beautifully grown fruit and vegetables are visible to visitors. Visitors might even be lucky enough to see Lundy and the expansive panorama of Bideford Bay if they visit the grounds above Clovelly Court Grand Terrace. The courtyard gardens are definitely a fantastic place to stroll when exploring Clovelly. It’s a tranquil place full of vibrant colors on a beautiful summer afternoon.

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Accommodation in Clovelly

The Red Lion Hotel

The Red Lion Hotel offers accommodation with stunning harbor and sea views. Free internet access and free parking are available.

The guest rooms are equipped with a TV and a private bathroom. After a long day, you can relax in a seating area in some rooms. The Red Lion’s restaurant features daily catch and views of the bay. The Red Lion’s waterfront bar offers food and drinks overlooking the dock and cottages. The motel has a dart board.

New Inn Clovelly

The New Inn Clovelly offers accommodation with a pub, shared lounge, private free parking and restaurants. The 3-star accommodation offers free internet access and features a terrace and a sunbathing area. There are family suites in the hotel.

A TV is available in every hotel room. The New Inn Clovelly offers a full English and Irish breakfast buffet daily and packed lunches are also available on request. Darts are also available in the hotel for guests’ recreation.

Ideal for a relaxing short break, the idyllic town of Clovelly is definitely one of many English towns to add to your bucket list.

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