Virtual reality becomes a reality in Fayetteville business

Dec. 1—Another survey method has just been introduced in the region.

Only this time it wasn’t a rafting down the river. Ride a bike or hike one of the many trails. Climb the famous rock of the region. Or countless other adventure sites This adventure is intense in the virtual world.

On Tuesday, the ribbon was cut for Escape-A-Torium Escape Adventures, located on Court Street in downtown Fayetteville, co-owner Eric Pories and his son Joey Pories were joined by the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and members of the public to welcome new additions to the multi-run business. year

“We love and will always have fresh and tangible escape games, of which we (still) have three,” said Eric Pories. And we learned about the concept of virtual reality escape games. which one group Four people (in our case) will sit down and put on VR headsets, then they will play a virtual escape game. They interact in a virtual environment.

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“So what it delivers is the opportunity to have all sorts of different virtual escape games. It’s not a real room like Runaway Train used to be or Revenge of the Misfit Toys, but a virtual one.

“It’s still an escape game. You still have to solve challenging problems, work together, collaborate with your teammates. It’s just in the virtual world.”

Pories says the new business expansion has been well received.

“VR is still at a point where a lot of people don’t really understand what it’s all about,” he says.

“People know this.”

Pories also praised the “vast” virtual reality applications beyond escape games. as well as transformational applications in areas such as medicine and education.

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Bringing VR into the escape game allows participants to experience “many worlds,” he said.

Escape-A-Torium It is working with Ukrainian company ARVI to bring virtual escape games to space. “VR escape games are part of the entire virtual reality market,” Pories said.

The Fayetteville site has six different VR games available for consumption. The game is scheduled to take 60 minutes to complete.

Businesses are open from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily, with advance reservations required.

for more information Please visit the website at Call 304-574-0137, email [email protected] or visit

Pories says the business is another avenue of entertainment in the space. “VR is another way to escape together. to have fun adventures together,” he said.

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“This is an hour and a half of your maximum time…when you think about getting together as a family or something. You’ve gone on an outdoor adventure. Let’s continue the adventure. for an hour and a half half of our time We can go on a completely different and fun adventure together in this environment. Then have dinner, lunch, or breakfast in Fayetteville. and let the adventure continue.”

Teri Harlan was one of those who took part in the event during the grand opening. “It was a lot of fun,” says Harlan. “I highly recommend this event. And this would be a great Christmas present.”

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