Video of Bachelor Party Singing Along to Taylor Swift Delights Internet

A video showing a bachelorette party enjoying karaoke sing-alongs to the Taylor Swift hit “Love Story” is being touted online as a positive example of modern masculinity.

Stag parties, considered by many to be a rite of passage, are traditionally portrayed by films as the Hangover and occasions involving excessive alcohol consumption and deviant and occasionally harmful behavior.

However, there are signs that changes may be afoot. A 2016 study conducted by researchers at the Universidad Europea in Madrid found that many men don’t really enjoy the activities that come with the average bachelorette party. In fact, many would rather just go home.

A sing-along bachelorette party from Taylor Swift.
A sing-along bachelorette party from Taylor Swift. Chet said he and his brother’s friends enjoyed drinks, singing and lots of “bro time.”
Duke the Great Dane

However, a happy median is possible and proof of that may have just been provided by Chet Zeken, who shared a clip to TikTok from his youngest brother Jordan’s recent bachelorette party.

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Dubbed Duke the Great Dane, the video features Chet, Jordan and his middle brother Tyler with a large group of friends sitting in a huge room singing along to well-known Swift favorites.

While drinking beer, there is a warm atmosphere in which the large group of friends sing from the heart, relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company.

For Chet, 44, the experience was obviously a stark contrast to what he was used to. “Stag parties today… fun and VERY different than I remember,” he wrote alongside the clip.

Viewers obviously agreed, with the clip amassing over 3 million views and a plethora of positive comments. “This gives me hope for future generations of men,” one person commented, while another praised the thoroughly “healthy” footage.

“I would marry any man in this room,” explained a third viewer, with another caption, “I didn’t have a bachelorette party before I got married and for the first time I’m upset about it.”

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Chet tells news week He was striving to capture the positive feeling that prevailed in the group. “I loved that the whole group just wanted to hang out and have brother time without all the debauchery that usually comes with a bachelorette party,” he said.

He said his brother Tyler organized it with a group of 20 friends who went to a rented cabin in Colorado to let loose in the best way possible. “We spent the weekend drinking beer, talking about sports, playing smash brosand had a great time,” he said. “One day there was a very organized Beer Olympics with darts, billiards, horseshoes, flip cup, table tennis, etc.”

The video captures the boys enjoying a “power hour” that he says is essentially “a drinking version of karaoke.” Chet said: “The groom-to-be and his bride are big Swifties so she suggested he include this as one of his songs. After about 30 minutes of singing random songs, ‘Love Story’ finally came on and you can see how excited my brother was.”

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Explaining the video’s viral success, he said, “I think people are just happy and proud that there’s a large group of guys who have chosen to remain respectful at a time when society seems to be giving to boys gives a pass to be the opposite.”

He also felt the clip served as an example of the kind of fun that can be enjoyed away from the negative circumstances of the clichéd bachelorette party.

“There are a lot of guys out there who don’t want to spend their time at strip clubs for a bachelorette party,” he said. “They find it disrespectful to their partner and it’s not even something they want to do. People are watching this video and most are excited to see this unfold.”


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