Video Of Atlas Moth Goes Viral, Internet Is Baffled

Video of an atlas moth going viral, the internet is baffling

The atlas moth is one of the largest species of moths in the world.

A video of an atlas moth has been making the rounds on the internet and has a lot of people on social media bewildered. People find it hard to believe the size of the moth and many believe the video is fake. However, this is not the case. The Atlas moth is one of the largest moths in the world, with a wingspan of up to 12 inches and a total surface area of ​​up to 62 square inches, apparently larger than a human hand.

The video of the butterfly was posted to Twitter by Tansu Yegen. In the video, one can see the huge moth, which looks like a butterfly, placed on someone’s hand. The moth also flaps its wings during the video recording. Sharing the video, Mr. Yegen wrote, “The Atlas butterfly, seen in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia, is the largest known butterfly in the world with a wingspan of 30 centimeters. The surface of the butterfly’s wing, decorated with the shape of a cobra snake up to 400 centimeters long.”

However, Mr. Yegen misidentifies the moth as a moth. Since sharing it, the video has more than four views and four thousand likes. Many users were confused and surprised when they saw the video. Several users have corrected Mr. Yegen stating that the creature is not a butterfly.

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“There are moths that are not butterflies but very impressive species,” said one user.

Another person commented, “Actually a moth, but a very cool bug.”

A third user said, “I live in Indonesia but I’ve never seen something this big.”

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According to the Museum of Natural History, the creature is native to China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. It shares a name with Atlas, the Titan god in Greek mythology. These moths also have a built-in way of scaring away predators and the tips of their wings resemble the heads of cobra snakes. When threatened, the Atlas butterfly slowly moves its wings to mimic a snake to fend off potential attackers.

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