Video: “I don’t like the term artificial intelligence. I like the term assisted intelligence.” (WiT Singapore 2022)

“Whether it’s the old world or the new world, we have to put customers at the heart of the business. Touching people is key because we are in the hospitality – no matter what technology or product you have – you Must have That. To make it effective. ”

These words are spoken by Christine Tan, an independent hospitality consultant who has been attending every WiT event since 2005. She is a familiar face in the field of travel, and she has observed erotic trends and stages over the last few decades. And the “trend” is at the core of the conversation that started WiT Singapore 2022.

What important parts of the pre-pandemic world can be integrated with the ways of the New World? How are new industry experts applying lessons from the last two years to their platform?

At the crossroads: the old world, the new world unified Gathered two generations of industry leaders – those who rode the first wave of cyber travel and those who emerged in the second wave – to share their ideas and ideals on how to take the best of both worlds. Two and create a better road ahead.

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Omri Morgenshtern (CEO, Agoda) Is a perfect example of the best-performing travel trailblazer from both worlds. During the board, he said, “I think booking travel together will happen now… In fact, it has been happening for a while. “I think it is accelerated by this epidemic.”

“What we have not cracked down on is consistency, or what we call a stuck process,” he added. Forever. That’s the idea that people don’t book everything at once. What we do not break down as an industry is the user experience to put those things together “And enjoy better rates.” It’s an idea echoed by the big players, platforms and OTAs lately, this interconnected travel concept where travelers not just book everything – flights, accommodation, activities – On the same program, but they do it at the same time. Clean up to create a seamless travel experience. This connected journey is another core feature of the post-epidemic landscape.

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What is clearly highlighted by everyone on the board is that change is the key to doing so. Travel and hospitality. As old and new stories continue to fade in the coming months and years, many experts believe it is time to reconsider how we perceive specific concepts in the tourism industry.

“I do not like the word artificial intelligence. I like the word assisted intelligence because I think it will be the progress that brings us to this new state. “It’s not about trying and replacing anything, it’s about supplementing first.” Timothy O’Neil-Dunne (Principal of T2Impact) In a statement that is in stark contrast to the model we have heard about AI. As Hollywood has taught us, one day AI will set up a beehive company to create an army of robots, and our only hope is to call on Arnold Schwarzenegger to stop them. In fact, Intelligence Assistance Can be a positive tool in the travel space, a tool that helps human counterparts and enhance their work instead of eventually replacing them.

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However, nothing shouts “Old World New” more than the content of the trip. “Old fashion business information in a new fashion environment” is how Timothy Hughes (Vice President, Agoda Development Corporation) Describe it. Whether it is on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, video content has become a driving force and a deciding factor in the decision-making process of many travelers. In many ways, short-form content is what makes many people look forward to reopening the border so they can experience the place in the video for themselves.

Watch the full video for more insights on how travel and hospitality is learning and adapting over the last few years to create a solid and authentic experience for travelers and consumers.


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