VIA Advanced Rapid Transit project finishing its initial designs and plans a virtual town hall

VIA Metropolitan Transit will host a virtual town hall Thursday at 7:00 p.m. to talk to residents about the timeline, costs and benefits of the Advanced Rapid Transit (ART) North/South Corridor project, which will feature routes. Dedicated buses from San Antonio International Airport to Mission

The ART project is the first in San Antonio. and trying to improve the frequency of bus stops along one of the city’s busiest corridors. Funded by the Federal Government and plans to start in 2027

Lawson Picasso, communications and public engagement manager at engineering firm WSP, who consulted with VIA on the project, said it would greatly enhance residents’ quality of life.

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“One of the cornerstones of the quality of life that people enjoy. One of those pillars is public transport,” she said. “It provides access to jobs and education and the essential health and space services they need in order to live a healthy and productive life.”

Picasso says ART’s east/west terrace could be the next project.

The VIA Primo bus sits in the parking lot.

Ryan Lloyd


Texas Public Radio

Bus VIA Primo

She also added that accessible public transport is essential to solving problems such as economic inequality and food insecurity. which she herself had faced in the past

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“So that we can truly address food insecurity. We need to understand that food insecurity is a consequence of a larger problem. Those issues are access to public transport. access to affordable housing “It is really important to see public transport as one of those areas that can reach people in areas where they may feel disconnected.”

Picasso says virtual reality is a powerful tool she uses to help residents understand the project, showing them what specific lanes and platforms look like, thereby allowing them to provide informed feedback. more

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“Some technical pieces that can get lost in a lot of technical jargon. presented in a visual form and provide a deeper understanding Really helpful and very helpful to how we can contribute to the community.”

The virtual town hall on Thursday at 7:00 PM will be Streamed on VIA’s websiteAnd residents can also register to speak at the bottom of the page or by texting “VIA” to 833-898-5483. City Hall will be logged and posted to VIA’s Facebook page.


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