Veteran eXpeRience Brings a New Reality to Veterans

On December 15, the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning (OHIL) hosted the inaugural Veteran eXpeRience event at the National SimLEARN Validation, Evaluation, and Testing (SimVET) Center in Orleans. Lando, Fla. At this event, more than 40 veterans experienced how the VA uses augmented reality (XR) to transform veteran care delivery and the overall healthcare experience.

This event is the first of its kind and is designed to provide veterans with hands-on experiences to help highlight how impactful virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and other virtual reality technologies can be. physical, emotional and mental health. As veterans arrive throughout the day, OHIL’s VA Immersive team and host of VHA XR enthusiasts and staff from the Orlando VA Medical Center and its Learning, Assessment, Assessment and Research Network OHIL’s SimLEARN (SimLEARN) lets explore a variety of XR demos and experiences.

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for each experience Veterans will be assisted to put on VR headsets to understand in real time how immersive technology can be used in different environments and indications. in real-time, such as pain management mental health support Assessment of body and physiology recreation therapy and more

eXpeRience Female Veterans Using VR“You participated in [the experience]It was almost like therapy,” said Army Veteran Gilberto Vallejo, who attended the event. “You completely forget about your pain. Because now you are in the virtual reality system where you are playing the game. And you just want to keep getting better. You don’t realize you’re using it for therapy.”

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It is often difficult to describe in words just how XR has such an impact. This poses the challenge of helping officers, leaders, carers, and veterans overcome assumptions and doubts about the technology that takes place in the gaming world. and feel the impact

eXpeRience veterans are nationwide.

Veterans eXpeRience Veterans use VRWhile December’s Veteran eXpeRience event was held in Florida. VA’s realistic technology efforts are making an impact across the country. As the VA Immersive team continues to expand its presence and support across the VA system, more than 1,000 veterans are already using XR on their VA health care journeys.

In addition, an increasing number of facilities and service providers are integrating XR into their routine care. And the impact is being meaningful. For example, in one healthcare facility—Western North Carolina’s healthcare system—more than 500 VR sessions are being used on veterans. Sixty-nine percent of veterans using VR for Pain management was found to reduce the severity of acute and/or chronic pain. Almost all veterans who used VR for anxiety or boredom experienced a corresponding decrease in their levels of anxiety or boredom.

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Because XR and other deep technologies It’s still spreading across Virginia. And as more and more veterans engage with XR at their Virginia facilities. Veterans’ health care will continue to be transformed. Talk to your care provider about XR options at your healthcare facility. Or contact the VA Immersive team at [email protected] And stay tuned for future opportunities to participate in a Veteran eXpeRience in your area.


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