US Law Enforcers’ Cellphone Tracking Tool Purchases to be Limited? New Legislation Could be Introduced

Purchases of cell phone tracking tools by US law enforcement agencies may soon be restricted.

Should US law enforcement limit purchases of cell phone tracking tools?  New laws could be introduced

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Democratic senators and civil rights attorneys are trying to introduce new legislation to prevent law enforcement from buying tracking devices.

Previously, AP (The Associated Press), an American non-profit news agency, investigated the tool called “Fog Reveal”.

Since this tracking technology is of great concern, it was even included in the FCC’s previous hearing, as reported by KSLA News 12.

Should US law enforcement limit purchases of cell phone tracking tools?

According to AP News’ recent report, the Fog Reveal platform has been used by police and other law enforcement agencies to search through hundreds of billions of user records.

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Should US law enforcement limit purchases of cell phone tracking tools?  New laws could be introduced

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They allegedly use this tool to track more than 250 million mobile devices to verify people’s geolocation data.

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“Americans are increasingly aware that their privacy is eclipsing them and the real-world impact can be devastating,” said Massachusetts Democrat Senator Ed Markey.

He added that almost all companies collect information about people to know where they go, who they are and even what they usually do.

What is Fog Reveal?

Gizmodo reported that Fog Reveal was developed by Fog Data Science LLC, a Virginia-based company. The tracking tool is believed to have been used by law enforcement agencies since 2018.

Fog Reveal can easily track people’s movements. as it relies on commercially available data from mobile operators.

Since this technology is quite efficient, Fog Data Science has allegedly received over $120,000 from the US Department of Justice in 2018-2020.

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If you want to know more details about the so-called Fog Reveal tracking tool, you can visit this link.

Previously, search engine DuckDuckGo plans to offer additional anonymity to Android apps that track users.

We also reported on the new Mozilla meta partnership that proposed ad tracking.

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