Unlocking $36 billion of economic value globally through improvements in cyber-physical security

COMMTEL publishes a white paper on the impact on critical national infrastructure

Commtel Networks and Critical Future, UK have jointly developed a white paper on the impact of Cyber-Physical Security (CPS) on Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). It identifies the complexities of modern CNI security – protecting national infrastructure from physical attacks, natural disasters and cyber threats. An original econometric model developed for this paper provides a quantitative analysis of the effectiveness of CNI security and the benefits it can bring not only to the CNI industry but also to the economy in general. Interestingly, it also establishes a negative correlation between digital and economic growth.

The paper uses the energy, transportation, storage and communications industries as proxies for CNI. Key Findings are: A 1% increase in the National Cyber ​​Security Index (NCSI) can unlock $16.17 billion in energy investments.

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Mr. Shriprakash R Pandey, CMD, Commtelspoke about the white paper and said: “Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) have become indispensable in modern organizations. The networking of many digital technologies or critical infrastructure systems has created a large number of new vulnerabilities. Our research with Critical Future is in the context of the biggest threats facing a nation today – an attack on its CKD and why CPS security is paramount. Through economic modelling, the white paper examines how cybersecurity directly impacts critical infrastructure, how cybersecurity can positively impact CNI investments, and examines the relationship between digital growth and economic growth. The key findings of the paper imply that safety improvements in modern CPS can have enormous and diverse economic benefits for CKD.”

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The paper suggests that the goal of countries and organizations should be to proactively address cyber-physical threats, rather than reactively protecting their facilities. While many countries are in a transition phase of digitally transforming their infrastructures, the modeling in the paper shows that the more digitally advanced a nation/organization is, the better cybersecurity it needs to be in order to benefit from the new digital technologies it implements. It underscores the need to manage the entire digital and physical system end-to-end with advanced technology such as AI, which can greatly enhance CPS capabilities and increase industry profitability.

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About Commtel Networks:

Commtel is a global engineering and technology company that provides unified critical communications along with surveillance, security and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to customers in oil & gas, power, mining, transportation and others critical national infrastructure sectors. Commtel is a leader in engineering intelligence with expertise in delivering turnkey solutions – design, engineering, multi-system integration, project management, commissioning, lifecycle management and software development. Founded in 1998, Commtel has delivered over 500 projects across four continents and the digital transformation of the mission-critical infrastructure of customers. To learn more, log on to www.commtelnetworks.com

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