United Airlines wants more of your money and it’ll tell you exactly why

United Airlines airplane above the clouds in the sky


Airfare has recently increased.

This doesn’t seem to stop people from booking flights and even choosing to pay more for a better class of service.

Well, the back seat is really the worst, right? And there’s no reason to believe they’ll get any better.

You’d think, then, that airlines who say they’re not affected by an impending (or perhaps already here) recession would be very happy right now.

Oh, but we’re talking about airlines here. They always seem to have plans to squeeze more out of their customers.

Thankfully, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby has decided to divulge a bit of the company’s heart, soul, and revenue-generating goals. The client may find the candid twist in his words bizarre.

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As Live and Let’s Fly reports, Kirby recently chatted with airline employees via video. He wanted to emphasize the importance of profitability.

But of course. Every company’s CEO wants to improve profitability.

However, Kirby’s logic can turn inside out. , history has shown us that national governments around the world will support their airlines and ensure they are on the other side of the crisis.”

Oh, so does United want more money now so they can get more money in the future? It’s almost heartening to hear airline CEOs confess that they always knew they’d be bailed out with taxpayer money because airlines are too important to fail.

Or, in Kirby’s words, “We’re an important piece of infrastructure and they have to have us. They need us on the other side.”

how about United is not a capitalist concern as much as it is a government agency.

Kirby, however, was not finished. He argued that profitability is also a specific survival strategy.

“If there is a crisis, it may happen that the government bankrupts two or three airlines because they think they will not need all of them,” he said. “So it’s the old bear analogy that’s important: You want to work faster than everyone else. It’s important to be at the forefront of the industry, have more runway, and be better equipped to handle long-term crises when they happen.”

All of this leaves exciting emotions for humanity to embrace. Employees come to believe that they must lower costs and increase productivity. Because otherwise the airline may not get a bailout next time.

(Honestly, how believable?)

And consumers will now be told that airlines, at least United, always know that they can get money out of both consumers’ pockets. Yes, dear consumers, you are the airline’s double bank.

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Maybe that’s just the way the world is. Four airlines occupy more than 80% of all airline seats in the United States and are exploiting their oligopoly in every way possible.

The job of everyone at United is to keep the airline profitable.

Indeed, to that very note, Kirby added: But it’s really encouraging because we did that in Q3 and I think we’ll do it again in Q4. I think we’re ready to do that forever.”

Ah, the promise of eternity.

Is it any surprise that United’s pilots are holding out for better contracts?

Would this be a good time to mention that United’s current slogan is Good Leads The Way?


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