UBiqube Providing Management and Orchestration Layer for Two TM Forum Catalyst Projects

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These two projects demonstrate what makes UBiqube Cloud Management Solutions (MSactivator and Cloudclapp) unique: the ability to deploy and manage applications across different infrastructure domains with minimal human intervention.

Teams comprising some of the biggest and most innovative brands in cloud computing and networking have come together to deliver two Catalyst projects with roadmaps for innovative 5G network applications at this week’s Digital Transformation World event in Copenhagen, Denmark. UBiqube plays a prominent role in both projects, delivering management and orchestration technology through its cloud management solutions (MSActivator and Cloudclapp).

The first project, Autonomous Network Hyperloops (ANHL), is a mobile edge computing project that aims to show how automation of resource provisioning and zero-touch management can improve network performance and efficiency. Specifically, this catalyst examines how autonomous networks are revolutionizing smart tourism and smart stadium experiences, connecting myriad devices such as camera-mounted drones and location services, and providing viewers with a more informed and higher-quality experience, both in person and virtually. A tourist visiting a place (either real or virtual) needs a seamless experience that suits their preferences. Networks must be able to handle unpredictable spikes in infrastructure demand.

ANHL is a Phase III catalyst and 12 companies are participating in the project.

The second project, Digital Business Marketplace (DBM), draws on existing TM Forum standards to develop a new Digital Service Enabling approach. In particular, this catalyst aims to show how users and service providers use existing standards to create and manage self-provisioning services through a marketplace. This facilitates the adoption of an “everything-as-a-service” model for cyber-secure, repeatable, multi-partner sourced solutions that improve customer outcomes and business efficiencies while reducing the need for human intervention that slows responsiveness and increases costs. These intelligent, bundled solutions can then be more easily managed from a lifecycle perspective, increasing security and enabling solutions tailored to different needs.

DBM is a Phase V catalyst and 22 companies are participating in the project.

“Both projects demonstrate what makes UBiqube Cloud Management Solutions (MSactivator and Cloudclapp) unique: the ability to deploy and manage applications across diverse infrastructure domains with minimal human intervention,” said Hervé Guesdon, CTO of UBiqube. “Our role in these Catalyst projects demonstrates how MSActivator’s telecom network heritage combined with Cloudclapp’s simplicity for continuous delivery makes it ideal for modern application types such as intensive edge computing scenarios and hyper-automation of touchless service delivery. We look forward to hearing from the user community at Digital Transformation World on what we have built with our people.”

Catalyst projects generate proof-of-concept ideas that solve common industry challenges and are validated by communications service providers and industry stakeholders. Catalysts deliver projects and solutions that leverage key TM Forum best practices and standards to ensure scalability, reuse across multiple applications, and reduced costs and risks. Projects are aligned with the TM Forum’s collaborative work, bringing best practices and standards from collaboration programs to life in real-world scenarios to prove the value of these assets. The deliverables of a Catalyst project include white papers, case studies, best practices, lessons learned, API specifications, models, frameworks, and reference code.

About UBiqube

Headquartered in Europe and with a global presence, UBiqube is a software company providing cloud management solutions for service providers and enterprises facing complex application delivery and infrastructure management challenges. Its industry-leading integrated automation platform, MSActivator, provides multi-domain service orchestration and resource management, while its solution for enterprise DevOps teams, Cloudclapp, simplifies application delivery across governed hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Learn more at http://www.ubiqube.com.

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