UAE and Poland to strengthen cooperation in various fields

UAE and Poland officials

The UAE delegation at a meeting with Polish officials in Warsaw. WAM

dr Minister of State for Foreign Trade Thani Al Zeyoudi reiterated that bilateral relations between the UAE and the Republic of Poland are well-established and strong.

Relations between the two countries have witnessed continuous development in various fields, particularly economics and trade, which has helped open new prospects for joint economic and investment cooperation, he added.

This happened during meetings with a number of ministers and senior officials from the Polish government on the sidelines of the 3rd edition of the joint economic committee of the two countries in the Polish capital of Warsaw in the presence of a number of government officials and businessmen and private sector representatives from both countries.

“The two countries offer promising opportunities to increase trade exchanges and establish investment projects in sectors of common interest as Poland is the UAE’s second largest trading partner in Eastern Europe,” added Al Zeyoudi.

He continued: “The UAE’s total non-oil exports to Poland in 2021 amounted to about Dhs 506 million, with a growth rate of 64 percent compared to 2020. While the UAE’s total non-oil exports increased to The Polish market amounted to about Dhs 242 million in the first half of 2022, with a growth rate of 13 percent compared to the same period in 2021.”

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In a quantum leap, UAE re-exports to Poland reached about Dhs 415 million last year, with a growth rate of 67 percent compared to 2020. While UAE re-exports to Polish markets reached about Dhs 250 million during the first half of the 2022 with a growth rate of 105 percent compared to the same period in 2021, said Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade.

Al-Zeyoudi also held a bilateral meeting with Irenes Zyska, Minister of State and Government Commissioner for Renewable Energy Sources in Poland, to examine the possibility of launching joint projects in the fields of energy and renewable energy. They also discussed ways to develop and share best experiences and practices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the energy sector performance in both countries, particularly the modern technology used in the field of renewable energy.

At another meeting, Thani Al Zeyoudi discussed with Ryszard Bartosek, Minister of State at Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, ways to improve cooperation in trade exchanges between the two countries in the areas of food, agricultural and animal products. The meeting also discussed the ways that ensure the flow of goods and products in the markets of the two countries in line with their strategic vision regarding the implementation of food security plans and the provision of large quantities of staple foods.

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In addition, Al Zeyoudi held a bilateral meeting with Pavel Jabunski, Undersecretary of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Economic and Development Cooperation, where they discussed new mechanisms and plans that will help increase foreign direct investment between the two countries in sectors of common interest. They also discussed ways to support bilateral economic and trade cooperation to create more investment opportunities for Emirati and Polish business communities in a way that serves the common interests, vision and aspirations of the two countries.

To strengthen the state’s vision for investments in the sectors of the new economy, Thani Al Zeyoudi met with Krzysztofdrienda, Chairman of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Jan Wernicki, CEO of the Polish National International Food Group, and representatives of the Polish Development Fund, the Polish National Development Bank and the Silesian Voivodeship Office to discuss investment opportunities in technology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, renewable energy and food industry.

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Thani Al Zeyoudi also visited Asseco Group, a Polish company specializing in software and technology development. He invited the company to join the Next Generation Foreign Direct Investment “NEXTGEN FDI” initiative and also benefit from the advantages and opportunities offered by the business environment of the UAE.

DMCC – the Dubai Government’s global flagship free trade zone and agency for commodity traders and companies – recently successfully completed its first Made for Trade Live roadshow in Warsaw, Poland, promoting the benefits of doing business in Dubai for expanding Polish companies highlighted internationally.

At the event, senior DMCC executives addressed over 139 representatives of Polish companies from a range of sectors. Speakers and delegates discussed the strategic geographic location and commercial appeal of Dubai and the ease of doing business in DMCC, the world’s fastest growing and most connected free zone. Discussions also focused on opportunities for the UAE and Poland to enhance bilateral trade and business ties.

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