Twitter to stop free access to its API soon, will start offering a paid version to developers

Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted on social media, Twitter in October 2022. Since the controversial sale, Musk and Twitter have been in the news for many reasons, including mass layoffs, Blue Twitter subscription and other discount policies. The social media platform has now announced that it will stop offering free access to it API (Application Programming Interface) starting February 9. Instead, Twitter will begin offering a paid version of its API. A series of tweets shared from the Twitter developer The account said the company will end support for the legacy version 1.1 and the new version 2 of its Twitter APIs.
Twitter is expanding its data set
The social media platform said: “Over the years, hundreds of millions of people have sent more than a trillion Tweets, and a billion more every week.” Twitter also said that its “data is among the most powerful data sets in the world.” Twitter said it is “committed to rapid and broad integration” so users can continue to build with the company. The micro-blogging site has also promised to return with more information on what users can expect next week.
How Twitter users reacted to this decision
Twitter users have also reacted to the company’s latest decision. One user commented, “do developers pay for making features for your own products? lol, you should.”

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Another user reported that Twitter’s API hasn’t been updated for 3 months since it was removed. The user also said that the company has suspended a “third party application” The user continued, “even Facebook and YouTube API are free and will be updated.”

Twitter is under Elon Musk: Changes to come
Twitter is now working on a payment system that will support approved currencies. This new payment system also comes with crypto functionality built into it. According to a report in The Financial Times, the payment unit will support fiat currencies first.
Fiat money is a form of money that is considered legal tender by a government. However, these currencies have no intrinsic or permanent value and are not backed by any real asset, such as gold or silver.
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