TSplus Simplifies Server Farm Management for Large Network Administration

Recent enhancements to TSplus Remote Access software have focused on making the farm management function easier than ever to provide a practical and efficient network management tool for large organizations.

IRVINE, Calif. – September 22, 2022 – (Newswire.com)

TSplus Remote Access enables web delivery of any Windows application installed on a corporate server and makes it available on a web portal accessible from any browser and device. It includes a powerful farm feature that allows administrators to install the software on multiple servers in different locations and manage them all from a single point. A single central server becomes the farm controller for all other application servers in the farm, as well as a gateway server that acts as the entry point for all users.

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Additional farm management features to improve user experience

Recently, the development team has redoubled their efforts to make this helpful administration tool as user-friendly as possible, with the aim of saving time for network administration. One of the last useful additions is the ability to sync all servers with one click to duplicate any new set of parameters on the central server across the entire farm.

Network administrators also have access to the following options:

  • TSplus Gateway Portal: The web portal allows access to multiple servers with control of user credentials.
  • Load balancing: This function makes it possible to share the load between multiple servers in a cluster. It also allows recourse to failover servers in the event of a production incident. Or assign specific servers to specific users or groups to control access.
  • Reverse Proxy: Acts as a connection broker, preventing application servers from directly accessing the Internet. The farm’s application servers run only on the local LAN.
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To learn more, explore the features page on tsplus-remoteaccess.com.

The latest developments follow the theme of improving user experience and overall network management:

  • Adding session duration information
  • Assigned servers are now sorted in alphabetical order
  • Unrecognized traffic on HTML5 is now forwarded to the central server
  • Ability to create server listeners that route traffic to back-balanced servers that are not directly visible to the TSplus gateway
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To keep up to date with new improvements, check the remote access changelog.

The Server Farm Management function can be tested free of charge as part of the full version Remote Access Trial (15 days, 5 users).

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TSplus simplifies server farm management for managing large networks

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