Trustgrid and Level 3 Audiovisual Partner to Elevate Edge AV Performance

Connect cloud applications to on-premises data

Trustgrid helps modernize the audiovisual industry with a network and edge computing platform that can provision, control and monitor AV systems from the cloud.

Today, Trustgrid and Level 3 Audiovisual announce a technology partnership to deliver next-generation commercial audiovisual systems that enable the AV industry to embrace a new generation of AV technology.

Trustgrid, a leading provider of networking and edge computing solutions, has partnered with Level 3 Audiovisual to provide and support its customers in the US, higher education, healthcare, government and hospitality with advanced AV software.

Trustgrid’s software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), Zero Trust Remote User Access (ZTNA) and edge computing platform integrates with Level 3 audiovisual software to provide:

  • Automated deployment and management of on-premises AV software
  • Remote support via zero-trust remote connectivity to on-premises systems to avoid on-site troubleshooting and remediation
  • Remote management for the entire lifecycle of on-premises software
  • Replacement for legacy AV management solutions with enhanced security, automation, and ease of installation

“Since we began working with them, Trustgrid has been an exceptional partner for Level 3 Audiovisual,” remarked Frederick Loucks, CTO of Level 3 Audiovisual. I don’t know how we could have done this without them.”

The partnership helps Level 3 Audiovisual realize its goal of modernizing the AV industry with a single platform that can deploy, control and monitor AV systems from the cloud.

By integrating Trustgrid’s software-defined tools, Level 3 Audiovisual can provide edge deployment of containers and virtual machines, zero-trust network access to on-premises applications, and software-defined connectivity between edge appliances and public cloud environments.

About Level 3 Audio Visual

Level 3 Audiovisual is a group of smart space experts passionate about creating great experiences for their clients, teammates and industry peers in general. They pursue that experience through a foundation of quality, relentless innovation, and continuous knowledge sharing. If you are responsible for your organization’s Smart Spaces strategy and are looking for a long-term partnership, Level 3 Audiovisual would be happy to work with you.

About Trustgrid

Trustgrid offers SaaS applications a way to connect their centralized application to hundreds of unique customer environments. The Trustgrid platform integrates the best elements of software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), Zero Trust Remote User Access (ZTNA), and edge computing technologies to manage connectivity, delivery, and the application lifecycle in any environment.

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