Total failure! No one sees the majority of Instagram Reels, Meta revealed

Instagram bet it looks like a lot but too much for TikTok lately; however, said radical metamorphosis, in which the short-form video has garnered ridiculous viewership on the so-called reels.

The Wall Street Journal get access to internal meta-documents; titled papers Creators X Reels State of the Union 2022 ensures that Instagram users don’t spend a lot of time watching these short videos.

What’s worse, most so-called Reels users have zero engagement; In other words, nobody sees this Instagram bet.

Users spend less than 17.6 billion hours a day getting their Reels fix; Meanwhile, TikTok users spend a modest 197.8 million hours on the platform, which focuses on short videos, 10 times more than those watching meta apps.

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Facebook and Instagram will change their content recommendations and we’re ready to hate them

According to the documents, the company attributes the problem to a lack of content creators and influencers using Reels; Of the 11 million users labeled as Instagram creators in the United States, only 2.3 million post each month.

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Instagram couldn’t with the reels.

Another disturbing fact on Instagram is that the not-so-famous reels were originally created on other sites, notably TikTok, and they still carry the social network’s watermark.

Although Instagram has paid the creators a total of $120 million; a very, very small amount of the billions planned for the end of this year.

Meta, however, responded to Gizmodo that the Wall Street Journal article used outdated, and in some cases incorrect, data to paint a false picture of Reels’ progress; It is recognized that they still have work to do, but creators and companies are seeing promising results.

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Which yes, and despite Meta’s excuses or replies, everything indicates that TikTok is unstoppable and Instagram has not only already realized it, but already accepted its defeat; To show a button, a large chunk of the most viewed content on Facebook was old meme clips that didn’t particularly interest anyone under a certain age.

Among other difficulties, Instagram and Facebook are not fully accessible for content creators, especially given the problem of setting up a store, in addition to the fact that they are not native content.

The worst thing is that even this ambitious project, which was much more TikTok-like, Meta has already pushed back on Instagram.

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