Top three gadgets of 2022

Inverter Geewiz 1200V. Photo: supplied.

Inverter Geewiz 1200V. Photo: supplied.


Unbelievable that another year will pass. But unlike the past two years amid the pandemic, This year has been more stable as remote work has evolved into a hybrid workforce.

This means that we have the freedom to choose where we work and the opportunity to improve our routines. This is what led me to pick my top three gadgets for 2022.

Geewiz 1 Inverter 200V with 100Ah battery

Inverter Geewiz 1200V

Inverter Geewiz 1200V. Photo: supplied.

We can’t talk about 2022 without mentioning the record number of days of shedding loads. It hinders performance. But I’ve been saved several times with a Geewiz 1 200V inverter equipped with a 100Ah battery.

Online retailers have a wide selection of self-branded inverters that start at entry-level prices. Like I reviewed this year. It has a price tag of R5 795 which is great if you are on a budget. I started using it before steps 4 to 6 became common.

Provides up to 720W of power for use This means it can power my TV, router, mobile devices and laptop for hours. But I mainly use it when my laptop is not charging and for my Nutribullet (blender) so I can have breakfast in the early hours of the morning.

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Geewiz inverters are an emergency solution. Due to the longevity of lead-acid batteries, however, you can upgrade to lithium-ion to withstand more than 2,000 duty cycles, which is ideal for stages 4 to 6.

Hobot Legi D7

Hobot Legi D7

Hobot Legi D7. Photo: Supplied.

A robot vacuum is a smart home appliance that you didn’t know you needed. Low maintenance and almost maintenance-free, Hobot released the Legee D7 this year, and I loved testing it out.

It is one of the few robots that clean both floors and carpets. Whether you have kids, pets or allergies. Cleaning is beyond what humans can do.

You can schedule the cleanup. Create virtual block zones to avoid Or control it with a smart speaker using your voice. It has powerful suction and does not tangle. So pet hair or waste won’t get on the brush.

The Legee D7 can store up to five maps in its memory. There are eight cleaning modes such as energy saving mode, stain removal mode, deep cleaning. or dry sweeping And they can clean on a schedule, for example, half an hour before waking up, outside the place of unloading, or before returning from a vacation.

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If the battery is dead It will go back to the dock. Recharge and resume where you left off. What could be better than doing home automation?

Logitech Wireless Zone

Logitech Wireless Zone

Logitech Wireless Zone Photo: Supplied

The thing that infuriates pets when working from home is the ambient noise. From generators to construction Power tools or children. These affect concentration and interfere with virtual meetings.

Owning noise-canceling headphones has become a necessity, and Logitech, known for its well-crafted accessories, has them. Released Zone Wireless, a complete solution. It has all the essential active noise canceling features that are a must for today’s work-from-home environment.

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Wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphones feature comfortable ear pads and an adjustable headband. Suitable for most people who need to work for a long time. It’s also lightweight and has a boom microphone. So you can flip it to mute it.

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The earpads also have dedicated controls such as power on, Bluetooth, active noise cancellation. playback controls and volume control It can also be paired with a phone, PC or tablet simultaneously. So you can pick up any device from a distance of 30 meters.

Zone Wireless works with the LogiTune app to customize other settings, such as how loud you can hear yourself. Equalizer presets and general status including battery life

What does 2023 hold?

It’s likely that Apple will release a mixed reality headset that uses augmented reality and virtual reality before the end of next year. But maybe asking for a foldable iPhone will push it.

On the smart home front, Google is expected to launch its next smart speaker with hardware and software upgrades. We know that Samsung will inevitably bring more foldable devices. But we expect other manufacturers to join this trend.

In addition to gadgets We also expect more electric and connected cars. Because this group is growing rapidly in South Africa. and finally The availability of 5G and fiber connections should be published in sections. of the country more


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