Top New Features in Global Mapper Pro v24

EEstablished as an advanced and comprehensive geospatial software, Global Mapper Pro excels at terrain analysis, point cloud editing, drone imagery processing, and more. Recent versions of the program have expanded its functionality with Python programming language integration, assisted manual classification with point cloud segmentation, and manual elevation grid editing with terrain painting. Version 24 of Global Mapper Pro continues this work by expanding methods for workflow optimization, the lidar analysis toolset, and advanced analysis and data creation methods for vector and point clouds. Check out the key new and exciting features in Global Mapper v24 below.

script generator

Global Mapper Script, a proprietary and text-based method of automating workflows, is not new to Global Mapper. However, in Global Mapper Pro v24, a new Script Builder tool makes creating workflow scripts more accessible.

The Script Builder helps create a Global Mapper script for a workflow by recording actions performed in the Global Mapper Pro user interface.

The Script Builder is activated via the File menu and converts movements and tool settings from the program user interface into Global Mapper Script. Each command recorded by the builder is displayed as a line in the tool interface, giving the user options to edit individual parameters or to open a command sequence in the script editor for manual editing and saving.

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A button option is added along with the new tool for creating Global Mapper Scripts copy script now appears in many analysis tool dialog boxes. This new option, separate from the script generator, allows users to copy the script command with parameters and values ​​that reflect the tool configuration applied in the UI. This new option, spread across Global Mapper Pro’s analysis tools, further increases the ease with which users can begin using Global Mapper Script to streamline workflows.

Variography and Kriging

The Variography and Kriging tool in Global Mapper Pro v24 is an advanced method of data compression and prediction and is accessed from the Analysis menu. The variography and kriging tool consists of several windows and first displays an empirical variogram for the input vector point or point cloud data, allowing the user to select the input attribute used in the analysis and giving the tool full control over the variogram plot through the settings .

The variography and kriging tool in Global Mapper Pro accepts point cloud or vector point data as input.

Then, moving towards the kriging process and data creation, a set of theoretical models are fitted to the data-driven empirical variogram plot, and users can compare the calculated values ​​and formulas to determine the best-fitting theoretical model for creating krige estimates. Using the selected theoretical data model, a kriged prediction layer is created in the workspace, containing the estimates along with an uncertainty measure for each point. With the generated output layers, the estimated values, called generic values, and the uncertainty can be visualized by using specialized lidar daw modes.

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Mobile data merging

Blue Marble’s mobile app, Global Mapper Mobile (available for Android and iOS), is designed to view and collect new data on site. In an earlier version of Global Mapper, a new mobile data management tool made great strides in streamlining the integration between Global Mapper Desktop and Global Mapper Mobile with support for wireless data packet transmission. Global Mapper Pro v24 takes this tool even a step further, introducing a data merging component that helps users to combine collected data from multiple Global Mapper Mobile Package (*.gmmp) files.

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Designed as a data merging tool Import package files Mobile Data Management Tool tab in Global Mapper Pro prompts user for two files, one for retrieving data and the other for merging data. When the files are selected, a table view shows users the differences between the specified FROM and TO files tracked by unique GMMID values ​​generated in saved package files from Global Mapper v24 and the latest version of Global Mapper Mobile . Users can then choose which items to keep and finally merge the data by exporting a new Global Mapper Mobile Package (*.gmmp) file.

A new tab for importing package files in the Mobile Data Management tool allows users to more easily merge data from two different package files.

Global Mapper Pro offers users of all skill levels advanced tools while continuing to be an affordable all-in-one GIS software solution. As a cross-industry program, the new tools available in version 24 will make Global Mapper Pro more indispensable as a tool for teams around the world.

To test the exciting new features in Global Mapper Pro v24, download a free 14-day trial today. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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