Top 5 Ecommerce Stores That Accept Cryptocurrencies

Businesses and the public have been waiting for faster and smoother payment methods for offline and online shops for years. As cryptocurrency slowly but steadily gains a foothold everywhere, people, especially , are looking at it with some hope.

The list of companies accepting payments in crypto is growing rapidly, from large tech companies to small retailers. There are also online retail stores that have started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. In this article, we list 5 online stores/ecommerce stores that accept cryptocurrency payments.

5 online stores that accept payments in cryptocurrencies

Here are 5 top ecommerce stores that currently accept cryptocurrencies. Check the details and choose a suitable platform to buy something with your cryptocurrencies.


Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform that allows merchants or vendors to set up their own online e-commerce store and sell goods, similar to Amazon (NASDAQ:) and other major online stores.

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The platform offers a service called Bitpay that allows Bitcoin payments. However, it must be noted here that Shopify’s website itself cannot use Bitcoin payments, their SaaS algorithm does not support digital currencies. With Shopify, whether or not to enable the Bitpay service is entirely up to the seller.

high card

HighKart is an eCommerce store that accepts payments in Bitcoin in India. The store offers a wide range of products such as cell phones, clothing, electronic devices and even crypto mining equipment. The company is focused on developing its traditional business model with the growing crypto landscape in the country.


Overstock was one of the first major online retailers to start accepting Bitcoin for its products in 2014. This online store allows its customers to pay for a wide range of products in bitcoin. Customers interested in making payments in digital assets can do so by selecting a currency. Once the payment has been sent, the system will automatically convert the currency to Bitcoin to complete the transaction.

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KUKU shop

KUKUShop is one of many products from panKUKU that aim to improve user experience with cryptocurrencies. It is a full-featured e-commerce platform in the PanKUKU ecosystem. The platform will offer a wide range of products and digital gift cards from various top online shopping sites such as Amazon, Walmart (NYSE:), Best Buy, Lowe’s and Home Depot (NYSE:).

All items listed in PanKUKU webshop are sold as dropshipping internet service. This gives shoppers a safe and convenient way to shop for their favorite items online. You can also pay with KUKU token, the native token, and benefit from hassle-free transactions and free shipping.

In addition to high-quality products and services, accepting payments in cryptocurrencies is the USP of KUKU Shop. With KUKU Shop, buyers not only save more, but sellers also get paid faster.

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Nafa is an online store focused on selling gift cards and gift items. The platform not only accepts bitcoin but also. The platform is known for offering a range of e-gift cards and coupon services for popular online stores like Amazon, Nike (NYSE:), Flipkart, Pizza Hut, and PVR (NS:) Cinemas.

That’s it, we have introduced you to 5 ecommerce stores that accept cryptocurrencies above. These platforms offer cryptocurrency as a payment option and you can easily use your crypto holdings to buy things available on these platforms.

However, only the first two platforms have products from multiple categories. So try to explore them first before placing your order.