Tomato Galaxy, multi-brand interactive VR world, launches on Meta Horizon Worlds –

Tomato Galaxy, a multi-brand interactive virtual world Officially launched on Meta Horizon Worlds on December 30, the project is led by Tomato US, a subsidiary of BlueFocus Intelligent Communications Group.; with worlds created by the designers at Vidyuu.

Meta Horizon Worlds is a social VR platform where users can explore over 10,000 different worlds. meta quest 2. Tomato Galaxy is a tomato themed world where users can interact with 10 brands including ECOVACS, Hisense, LilysilkXtep, IQOO, Ugreen, Wave, Smileader, Moody and OSOTEK.

Tomato Galaxy consists of four interconnected worlds: Spaceship Tour, Day Hemisphere, Night Hemisphere, and Tomato Eye. Players must play mini-games and collect Tomato Energy, an essential resource to activate a magical portal that connects the worlds.

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Meta Director, Head of Reseller Business Andrew Wong Says: “It’s one of the most complex worlds I’ve seen in Meta Horizon Worlds… It’s an interactive brand gallery and offers an even better user experience. too This is something that is relatively new to Horizon Worlds.”

Tomato Galaxy is more than just a virtual playground. In addition to the fun gameplay. It also offers brand immersion like never before. “Many brands have already created their own worlds in Meta Horizon Worlds, but we’ve never seen a world with multiple brands in different categories,” says Tomato Galaxy project manager. Joy Guo.

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Tomato Galaxy’s immersive VR experience provides a new approach for brands. To reach and interact with existing and potential consumers. A deeper relationship between brands and players will be built through customized mini-games. “With the aim of using innovative technology to empower our clients’ businesses, BlueFocus has taken an important step in metaverse marketing,” said BlueMedia Vice President and General Manager of Tomato Interactive Jiao Li.

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For those without a headset, an AR filter called “Tomato Together” has also launched on Facebook and Instagram. We will focus on promoting creative campaigns and creating immersive experiences for brands and consumers. Tomato Galaxy is just the beginning,” said Jiao.

With extensive industry experience, BlueFocus will continue to optimize its metaverse marketing strategy by connecting with brands and content creators and bringing users into the metaverse.


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