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January 23, 1933

Heavy rain and icy roads delayed Sheriff C. H. Nixon’s Sunday party and they missed the last evening ferry from St. Ignace on the way home from Marquette, where they put Lucien (Al) Winnicky in state prison after a trip marked by a near riot at a restaurant in Munising. The sheriff and his two companions, Tropper Langthorne of Manistee and “Bob” Robinson, the town watchman, were on the ferry all night, expecting it to start at any time. However, it wasn’t until 5 a.m. that she left and the group arrived in this beat’s Cadillac after a night of sleepless nights. Sheriff Nixon emphatically denied any heroism in connection with his actions at Munising, when he stopped Winnicky from shooting the soldier, who seized his gun as Langthorne handcuffed him, clipped to his belt, to position the robber’s wrists. They have been taken off to eat. The sheriff was just arriving to take his coat off a hook when he heard Winnicky say, “Tie ’em up.” He wheeled, and drew his gun, but a waitress behind the counter was in the line of fire, and instead of shooting, he grabbed Winnicky’s wrist and pointed the gun up. Robinson grabbed Winnickie’s left wrist and the officer put the handcuffs back on. Langthorn did not obey the order to raise his hands but tried to grab the gun. The gun did not have a safety catch, according to the sheriff, who said Winnicky had not yet put his finger on the trigger. In his rush to stop Winnicki from shooting, the mayor wiped three packages of syrup, flavored for ice cream, from the table and the gunk got off his boot and spread on the floor. The others in the party did not escape the overflowing of syrup and the owner brought towels and water and helped them clean their clothes, then mopped the floor, where the syrup was tracked.

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January 23, 1998

It started with the “jumping guys”. And it just slept and slept. Now he is awarded. Want to join the other 1,800 viewers who know what it is? Get online and type to see the Pine River High School webpage. Page designed by Kevin Smith. It started as a project smith in Mike Maskill’s technology class. Smith and Page recently won an award from GeoCities, the computer company that sponsors Page. The prize was based on creativity and quantity of information. And information boy. The page includes course information, sports schedules, school calendar, maps, extra-curricular activities, staff photos and has links to local weather, stock market, ACT registration, and college financial aid information. There is also a “guestbook” for readers to add comments if they wish. Some of the comments came from two alumni, one from Germany. “It all started with the little green jumpers,” said Smith, pointing to the green glyph icons moving up and down the page. Meskil laughed, remembering Smith’s first Test page. “I wanted to show him that I could do it,” said Smith. Smith updates the page daily and has gotten to the point where he has to find two more seekers to help. GeoCities first gave Smith three megabytes of space to work with. He is now 15 years old. That’s a lot of memory. But that’s fine with Smith. He wants to find more education links to add to the page, giving students easy access to the search. Other plans include allowing teachers to enter assignments.

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