The Stuff Gadget Awards 2022: Gaming gear of the year

This year possible It’s something that is often overlooked when it comes to gaming devices. The PS5 and Xbox Series X continue to launch, but we’re leaving console updates, as Switch sales (until recently) haven’t shown any signs of slowing down, so why is Nintendo breaking so fast. Need a new engine? The PlayStation VR2 is just around the corner, but those paying will have to wait a few more months.

If you’ve been paying attention to the handheld gaming space, though, you’ll know that 2022 is a big year. It’s far from the first to hit the market, but Valve’s Steam Deck has been confirmed by Valve’s Steam Deck portable PC gaming as a big concern, as Panic Playdate said “if it’s like Game Boy games, but are you running them?” It’s a question we’ve had a lot of fun exploring.

New handhelds are popping up all the time, and while they haven’t made it to our shores yet, Logitech’s G Cloud is the closest thing we have to a portable Xbox. If you’re serious about streaming PS5 games to your phone while sitting on the sofa, then the Backbone One is the focus of the PS project, but we’ve gone to another mobile controller as our favorite device of the year. . Gaming is becoming more and more popular on the go, so it’s time to share some tips.

Gaming device of the year: Valve Steam Deck

A Steam Deck 2022 gaming tool

Do you want to know a secret? Most Stuff brands are highly contested in the pub, and it’s not uncommon for things to get ugly. But deciding on our gaming device of the year is a one-off decision in just a few seconds. Now, that might say that the Steam Deck is a non-five-star tool. Nothing could be further from the truth. Valve’s answer to the Nintendo Switch is that it’s too big, too loud, and has terrible battery life. And while it’s only a few months shy of a year into its life, the promise of your entire Steam library has yet to be fully realized.

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Anyway, we’ve loved the Steam Deck since day one and have spent more time playing games on it than anything else this year. The management of AAA titles does not spare the Nintendo Switch in seconds, at the limit of 60fps to jump, there is no small thing of the heart, and if you like to tweak the settings can be achieved. Dedicate some frames and honestly for real you can play games like this Elden Ring a God of War on this matter. We’ve come a long way from the Game Boy Color, that’s for sure.

But as good as Steam Deck is for big games, we’ve probably spent a lot of time exploring Steam’s huge indie library, which we can do wherever we like. Two words: Vampire Survivors.

Although it is true that interested people may wait for the improvement of Steam Deck 2 – now that we know for sure that the first model has worked well – we do not hesitate to offer this to PC players who want to separating themselves. table.

Highly recommended: Panic Playdate

Playdate is the most popular gaming device 2022

If Steam Deck is about bleeding edge technology, Playdate is about taking you back to a simpler time, when you spend hours sitting on the window trying to to feed your non-backlight Game Boy day. We’ve been having a blast with Panic’s weird little pocket, playing games and fiddling and waiting for the next batch of bespoke eclectic indies to be released digitally every day during the review period. This beautiful piece of hardware is more for collectors than casual gamers, and we’d love for a device released in 2022 to have a backlit display, but in an age defined by handheld gaming, it’s not the Playdate struggled to leave its mark.

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Another short list: Pico 4, Taito Egret II Mini

We were impressed with Pico’s Meta Quest 2 challenger, and while better hardware can’t match Quest’s game library, the Taito Egret II Mini is a fun way to build a classic arcade cabinet and hard for retro collectors to resist.

Gaming hardware of the year: Razer Kishi v2

Razer Kishi gaming prize winner 2022

We don’t need to tell you that today’s smartphones are capable of playing all the fat console games, native or streaming from the cloud, but they won’t be very happy when you play them through city face Fortunately, there are many mobile controllers out there now, and the second generation of Razer’s Kishi is perfect for both Android and iOS players. Just put your phone in and it turns into a handheld console, with a USB-C connection so you don’t have to worry about keeping it charged.

We really dig the controls, thanks to the buttons that appear in the most important reading test, and the alarms that tell you to press them. Razer’s Nexus app points you to supported games, so you have to listen, because not all of them work without problems. However, now that the controller is available for two popular mobile platforms (at launch it is Android-only), we are happy to recommend it to everyone.

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Highly recommended: Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max

Turtle Beach 700 Stealth highly praised gaming device 2022

Although it’s marketed as (and rebranded as) an Xbox headset, the brilliance of Turtle Beach’s Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max lies in its multi-platform…,er, ness. This wireless headset fully supports the Xbox wireless standard, but all you have to do is plug the included USB dongle into one of the other machines (PS5, PS4, Switch and PC are all covered) and push a button and you’re good to go. The headset is Bluetooth, so you don’t need a dongle all the time. At 40 hours, the battery life is strong enough to compete, making the Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max a must-have for gamers who like to jump around.

Another short list: Sony InZone M9 monitor, Steelseries Apex Pro keyboard

It has the look of a PS5, but the first monitor from Sony’s new gaming brand, Inzone, is perfect for PC gamers looking for the best HDR on top of the usual features. to the tasks that desktop users need. We never wanted to return our review unit. Sticking to PC gaming, the killer feature of the SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard is its adjustable mechanical key switches, which can be tweaked to suit the type of game and your mood. We also liked the OLED display that serves as a command center in various games and apps.

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