The P1Sim Arnage steering wheel has a portrait screen like your smartphone

P1Sim Arnage sim racing steering wheel

Inspired by smartphones, P1Sim has created the world’s first photo broadcast screen display on a sim racing wheel. Went up manually to see if it was a fashion designer.

With many advanced sim racing steering wheels, and international racing car wheels, opt for traditional terrain.

Of course. But why?

Since the iPhone likes to keep in portrait format, many photos start to be taken in this way, and then applications like Snapchat and TikTok are created for vertical purposes.

Among road cars, the Tesla Model S/X and the Ford Mustang Mach E have gone for large touchscreen displays.

P1Sim Arnage sim racing steering wheel used, SimRacing Expo 2022

Now, P1Sim has gone for a 4-inch touchscreen right in the center of its Arnage sim steering wheel.

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“We had the idea to have a vertical screen so that the driver can show different data and a new idea,” P1Sim’s Founder and CEO, Benoit Constans, told Traxion.GG at SimRacing Expo in Germany recently.

“We can put it on [of the screen] The most important thing is that you’re still in shape.”

The design of the console has been created by a French company, so out of the box, you have your delta time, mostly red in my test I must say, right in your vision above your the presentation.

After the compilation session, I know if I’m above or below the best time without even thinking about it. The same goes for the tool selection, which is right there at the bottom of your eye line.

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Benoit Constans, CEO P1Sim, sim racing wheels
Benoit Constans, P1Sim Founder and CEO

The rest of the story is simplified. Everything you need, but nothing more. But if you want to change that, just fire up SimHub.

The top of the wheel is still not in place. It’s not a yoke, but you can see the marks of your fingers going around the gears and thankfully, there’s enough material to keep the wheel even around the tight Spitzkehre of the Hockenheimring. .

There are two dials on the bottom of the device in an unusual position, and at first, it seems odd to face you and not near your thumbs. But, as it turns out, these are in a good place for your little finger to wiggle.

The display is not the only new area for P1Sim, as the Arnage shows the introduction of several key updates compared to its predecessors.

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The P1Sim Arnage steering wheel has an image screen just like your smartphone

At the back, there are four paddles – two for the gears, two for the clutch – but now they use Hall sensors, and the main plate is carbon fiber. Everything is CNC machined aluminum and its backlit buttons have been implemented for the first time.

“I would say it takes six to eight months to develop,” says Constans.

“It was available for pre-orders two months ago. This is the last version, and the first ones will be released before Christmas.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback so far.”

This racing wheel PC sim can be ordered for €899,00 excluding VAT.


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