The new Windows 11 2022 update will make you more productive and secure

Microsoft has released a major update to Windows 11 designed to make the platform more personal, more secure, and ways to make you even more productive.

There are also new multitasking tools to get things done faster, and gaming updates to help you have more fun after work.

This update (22H2) will be rolling out to customers around the world starting this week.

Users with eligible devices already running Windows 11 version 21H2 can install this new version on their device by going to Settings > Windows Update and selecting Check for updates.

Customers running Windows 10 can also verify that this system can run Windows 11 by using the PC Health Check app.

From there, they can also check if Windows 11 version 22H2 is ready for your specific device by going to Windows Update > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and selecting Check for updates.

When the upgrade is available, users will be presented with the download and install option.


This feature provides speech recognition, allowing users to control the computer and create text using only their voice.

It can also be used to open and switch between apps, surf the web, read and write emails.

And it all takes place on the device and does not require an internet connection to work.


Live Captions is an excellent new feature for the deaf or hard of hearing with captions automatically generated on-device from any content with audio, including microphone audio.

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There are now more natural voices for narrators, including Jenny, Aria, and Guy, which use on-device text-to-speech and work without an internet connection.

It offers several improvements including a better browsing experience when Microsoft Edge and Narrator work together.

Background Blur lives up to its name, allowing you to turn your background blue for extra privacy and ensure you’re the center of attention during a video call.

Portrait Blur offers a depth of field effect called bokeh, reproducing the quality popular in portrait photography today.


It’s polite to look someone in the eye when you’re speaking, even on a video call.

Now eye contact can make video call participants feel like they’re making direct eye contact, even when they’re looking at the screen rather than directly at the camera.


Now you stay automatically in the center of your video thanks to the automatic frame that keeps your face centered on the screen even when you move.

This feature can also increase the face-to-screen ratio when a user is further away from the camera.


Removing background noise is what the new Voice Focus feature can do, helping you communicate and be heard more clearly.

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This will be available with any app that uses the camera and microphone.

It’s now possible to set rules for when you can receive Do Not Disturb notifications.

For example, this can be turned on outside of your normal working hours or when playing a game or watching a movie.

It’s also possible to set priority notifications so calls and reminders and certain apps can notify you even when Do Not Disturb is on.


Popular with its redesigned experience for Windows 11, the taskbar has now expanded into a new overflow state when it reaches its maximum capacity.

This way, you can access the overflow menu to view all your overflowed apps that don’t fit on the taskbar in one place.


A new feature has been developed to bring up the start menu from anywhere if you have a touchscreen device.

Now all you have to do is swipe your finger from the middle of the taskbar and the start menu will appear.

Swipe down again and it will go away.


Quick Settings can also be easily accessed by simply swiping from the bottom right of the taskbar and swiping back down to clear them.


These updates added a whole new way to snap windows into snap layouts that work with either touch or a mouse.

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Simply drag a window to the top of the screen to reveal the snap layouts and drop the window onto the zone to snap it.

Snap Assist can be used to finish building your layout.


File Explorer has been redesigned to provide faster access to the files you work with every day.

TT also now shows all the files you’re working on in Microsoft 365, so you can see all your recent and favorite files in your personal and work accounts in one place.


Gaming is a big part of Windows 11 and this update can optimize gaming conditions, including improving latency and unlocking other features including Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Variable Refresh Rate.


There’s now a new controller bar that gives you an updated view of your recently played and installed game launches, now just a button press away.

Users can access it by pressing the Xbox button on their connected Xbox Wireless Controller.


Microsoft Defender Smart Screen can identify and warn users when they enter their credentials into a malicious application or website.

This is a feature that works if your computer has a presence sensor that can unlock your device using Windows Hello to unlock and sign in to your device when it detects your approach.

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