The Michael Phelps Science Fiction Epic According to Open A.I. ChatGPT

Happy Holidays! Are you sleeping on your couch, sleeping with the fire burning, making your time away from entertainment unknowingly because you bought your groceries, said your holiday’s obligations on Social media and now you just unknowingly move your device?

Yes? Me too.

My last annoyance was turning on AI ChatGPT. This is an artificial intelligence, AI-powered language processing tool that allows you to converse like a human. It will answer questions to help you with tasks such as writing emails, texts or even coding. It will also decorate the story in seconds.

According to the website:

We have trained a model called ChatGPT that interacts in a conversational way. Conversation profiles make it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, acknowledge their mistakes, object to inappropriate places, and reject inappropriate requests. ChatGPT is a sibling model of InstructGPT that is trained to follow in-the-box instructions and provide detailed responses.

The more you interact with ChatGPT, the more it learns. I spent hours on it. It was fun. And I asked ChatGPT to tell me a story about Michael Phelps.

MEL promotion: Tell me about science fiction Michael Phelps Where he secretly came to Earth as a child from his extraterrestrial life to create new life and eventually become the greatest Olympic swimmer in history.

Enable AI response: Once upon a time, in a world far and wide, there was a young foreigner named Michael Phelps. Michael lives in a society where everyone is born with the ability to swim at an unusual level, but he always dreams of something more.

One day when Michael was just a child, he heard a group of extraterrestrials talking about a strange and distant planet called Earth. They told a story about a world full of land and air where the animals could swim only for a short time before they had to take to the skies.

Michael is fascinated by these things and wants to see this strange and wonderful place for himself. So he made a plan. Using his unique swimming ability, he set out on a journey through vast space to Earth.

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When he arrived, he was amazed at the scenery and the strange animals he encountered. But for the most part, he is interested in people and potentials that seem endless for growth and development.

Determined to create a new life for himself on this strange and wonderful planet, Michael began secretly training and strengthening his swimming skills. And he soon became the greatest Olympic swimmer in history, winning countless medals and breaking countless records.

But even though he was successful, Michael never forgot where he came from and he was always sure to use his fame and fortune to help those in need. And so he lived outside of his days on earth, sharing joy and hope with those who knew him and always remembered the distant water world he called home.


ChatGPT created it in about 6 seconds. To be honest, it reads like a 12-year-old writing it. However, that could be my fault. My question may have been too much for my 12-year-old. So I decided to push ChatGPT on storytelling a bit.

MEL 2nd prompt: Tell me about the Olympic champion Michael Phelps Selected to a special section of Navy Seals sent to the planet in alien waters to protect the Earth from amphibian enemies.

Enable AI response: After winning countless medals and becoming the greatest Olympic swimmer in history. Michael Phelps Retired from competitive swimming and lived a quiet and peaceful life. But one day things changed.

Michael received a secret message from a senior member of the Navy, inviting him to join a special part of the elite. With interest, Michael accepted the invitation and was sent to the top secret training facility.

There he was introduced to a group of athletes and other elite soldiers chosen for the same purpose: to protect the earth from amphibian enemies threatening to invade the distant water world.

When Michael trained with his new teammates, he immediately realized that he had special qualifications for the mission. His exceptional swimming skills and extensive knowledge of the aquatic environment made him the perfect candidate to lead the charge against the enemy.

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And so, when the time came, Michael and his team were sent on a mission to a distant water world, where they faced amphibian enemies in a series of epic battles.

Despite the odds, Michael and his team won because of their unparalleled courage, determination and swimming skills. And finally, they were hailed as heroes and returned to earth where they were hailed as champions.

From that day c. Michael Phelps Known not only as an Olympic champion, but as a member of a special unit of the Navy Seals dedicated to protecting the Earth from all kinds of threats. Finished


Trying to add some episodes and sizes to the story, I asked AI:

MEL Third Incentive: Tell me this again in the style of author Cormac McCarthy.

Enable AI response: The sun fell on the water world, shining brightly on the swimmers as they prepared For the fight. Michael Phelps Standing on the edge of the pool, his muscles tense and his mind focused. He was recruited by a special unit of Navy Seals tasked with protecting the Earth from amphibian enemies threatening to invade the distant water world.

As he waited for the sign to be baptized, Michael could do nothing but rethink the journey that led him here. He left his homeland as a young alien, traveling through vast skies to Create new life on earth. And despite his setbacks, he became the greatest Olympic swimmer in history, winning countless medals and breaking countless records.

But this is different. This is a matter of life and death, not just for him, but for mankind as a whole. And so, when the signal arrived, Michael fell into the water, and his powerful stroke took him forward with incredible speed.

The fighting was fierce and brutal, but Michael and his team fought with all their might, using all their training and skill to defeat the enemy. In the end, they overcame their courage and determination to save the earth from the threat of invasion.

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As they stand in the pool, standing in the light of their victory, Michael realizes that he has indeed found his place in the universe. He is no longer an Olympic champion, but a member of a special division of the Navy Seals dedicated to protecting the planet he calls home.


Drive more AI and for fun I asked:

Fourth MEL promotion: Tell me this again in the style of William Shakespeare and add a romantic interest.

Enable AI response: In a world of water, far away, a young alien lives. Michael Phelps. Michael is known all over the world for his unique swimming abilities and he dreams of nothing more than creating a new life for himself on a distant planet called Earth.

One day while training for a match, he met a beautiful young foreigner named Sophoan. Sophia was a talented swimmer in her rights and she and Michael quickly fell in love.

But despite their love, destiny seems to have set them apart. While Michael was recruited by the Special Division of the Navy Seals and sent on a mission to protect Earth from amphibian enemies, Sophia was left with a heavy heart.

As Michael fought valiantly in the battle that ensued, Sophie prayed for his safe return. And when he won, she realized that their love was stronger than any force in the universe.

Therefore, they got married in a happy ceremony surrounded by their friends and loved ones. From that day on, Michael and Sophie lived happily ever after, their love being a shining light in a world full of danger and uncertainty.


Go to and play. Keep PG safe for work and share your AI swimming story below.

Live long and prosper (AI Mel image via Lensa)


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