The Internet Is In Love With this One Scene in ‘Star Wars: Andor’

Cassian Andor in Andor

Star Wars: Andor has become my favorite series of the Disney+ era and while it’s perfect and I love it so much, I also have one criticism of Episode 7 called “Announcement” because… you have to prepare the internet for certain things. Like getting up super early in the morning and having to deal with all of my overflowing feelings about Diego Luna.

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In the episode Cassian leaves Maarva and goes to have a “simple” life on the planet Niamos and honestly it was such an adult move that Cassian just had sex with a woman and then took a shower to to clean up war of stars, I screamed, but it didn’t stop there. No we also have a shirtless Cassian Andor and if you drop that stuff so early and I have to Wake up If I watch it early, I should be warned that I’ll be thinking about Cassian shirtless all day.

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And look, it stems from the fact that many of us have been in love with Diego Luna since his dancing days Dirty Dancing: Nights in Havana. So having the surprising delight of Cass in the shower was both a delight and something that actually derailed my whole day.

If you think about it, Disney should know that things like this will take over our minds. Like…we haven’t stopped thinking about Captain America snapping a log in half, so what do you think This scene will do us? Especially when we saw it first thing in the morning!

war of stars gave us so many things and while I was changed as a person when Hayden Christensen went topless Vengeance of the Sithit was different because i didn’t expect it and i had to scream in the morning and frankly i’m not ashamed.

It’s worth noting that I’ve now moved to the next level of what that is, and I’m just singing “I Love You Always Forever” while looking at images from that scene.

Look, that is Rarely when it comes to war of stars

The moments they don’t show anyone war of stars universe than human beings (let alone sexual beings) can be counted on one hand. But the three shirtless moments that come to mind are Kylo Ren the last jedi, Anakin Skywalker wakes up from a nightmare Vengeance of the Sithand now Cassian is doing the dishes.

And it’s so strangely satisfying to see how sex is seen in it Andor. For the first few episodes Cassian was in a brothel and then we got to see a bit of Bix and Timm’s relationship (it was cut away but it was clear the two were having sex) and that’s something new war of stars. The positivity about it and the easygoing way it was introduced is lovely! And it works Andor which is inherently a more mature show.

I guess I owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Gilroy and Diego Luna for completely taking over my Wednesday, but hey, it was worth it.

(Image: Lucasfilm)

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