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in the past two years When our lives are disrupted in unprecedented ways. Social media is the only constant medium. Despite the hatred and toxicity But there is also real entertainment. Learning a lot, just like
A sense of community. However, the social media environment is changing both in terms of platforms and user engagement.

Platform in transition
Twitter barely escaped from Musk, the meta is in freedom, Instagram is moving to video and leaving it.
Origin of photo sharing to keep up with TikTok and Snapchat as we live through the evolution of the biggest platforms of our time. Our social media habits and content creation activities are changing.
Many users are also deprecating algorithms and curated content. By opting for a smaller social network that helps build real connections, there’s BeReal ‘anti-Instagram’ to bring authenticity to posts without planning and unfiltering. SuperNova and WeAre8 are in position. There’s also the ‘ethical choice’ where ad revenue goes to deserving charities or causes.

Go Algo Go
with the death of cookies privacy regulations And the general rejection of algorithms, social media brands are looking for other ways to engage with users and deliver personalized content. Shweta Baxi Tyagi, founder of Beyond Words, A digital agency in Gurugram thinks companies will need to shift from targeted ads on social media to “Attractive Marketing” with creative storytelling As well as creating alliances and assets like before .

lost echo
Social audio is the biggest trend in 2021 when people are stuck at home due to lockdown. But when the world opens Social audio doesn’t resonate with audiences anymore—nobody talks about Clubhouse as much, and Spotify has scaled down its live audio ambitions. There is a niche that is still striving. But now the majority of the conversation takes place on Twitter Spaces.

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Metaverse becomes reality
While many tech companies have jumped into the metaverse over the past two years The crystallization of hype and reality checks will happen in 2023. Technologies for immersive experiences already exist in terms of virtual reality and augmented reality, but next year, the practical term is this. Clover Infotech CTO Neelesh Kripalani said, “Metaverse real estate can leverage brands. to market without people having to leave their homes and claim
Buying or engagement?” Tech companies and brands will have to figure out how to make the metaverse relevant to people who may or may not be interested in living instead through their digital avatars. But that’s what we think about social media. Who knows?

Apps worth trying

news post
Rather than a town square on Twitter, Post News seeks to be a virtual water cooler for discussion and allows articles to be shared under a paywall to attract news publishers and freelance writers.

open wide
Openvy is a network built in India for Gen-Z discussion, a new way to build a community.

Almost like Eventbrite, but built for events instead, Partiful is a party planner that lets you create awesome digital invites and make real-world connections with your friends.

at first glance We hardly care about Grainery as an Instagram clone except as a photo-sharing app for analog photographers. where they can share, learn and collaborate.

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