The Complete Operators Guide and Tips

The characters in it Rainbow Six mobile are referred to as operator. Operators are unlockable characters with different abilities that players can choose before starting the game. There are multiple operators to choose from, each with different gadgets and abilities. These operators are used for different purposes, which makes it a bit difficult for beginners to understand how to use them in the game. In this article, we cover some important tips on the basics of attacker and defender.

How to use the attackers in Rainbow Six Mobile

While the attackers’ primary target is simple, there are a number of other factors that must be considered. Rainbow Six Mobile is a very strategic game and it would only make sense to experience the game to the fullest if players implemented the strategic gameplay tips below.

1. Understand the goal

Most players, especially starters, would focus on completing the round by eliminating all enemies as that sounds easy. But don’t focus on that, because in certain situations, players might not be able to defeat all enemies; then the main goal comes into play. Place the defuser and breakpoints to prevent the defenders from disabling it. Finally, Rainbow Six Mobile is a strategic game, play strategically.

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2. Communicate with teammates

There is a lot of communication involved in Rainbow Six Mobile. Players must always be aware of each other’s positions and statuses, so the team knows their own position when an enemy approaches them. This forms the basis for a strong team to destroy any lobby.

3. Efficient use of the drones

Rainbow Six drone for mobile use
Image via Ubisoft

Strategically, using drones is the best way to help the attackers start with a plan. Drones can be used to reveal enemy positions, security points and traps, allowing the team to make strategic plans. These drones are used during the preparation phase of a game, so attackers need to take advantage of this win factor.

How to use the defenders in Rainbow Six Mobile

Defenders have greater potential to win rounds of the two operators in Rainbow Six Mobile due to the number of options they have. Defenders don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to win a round; all they have to do is:

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1. Destroy drones

Rainbow Six Mobile destroys drones
Image via Ubisoft

Drones are the only source to prove information to the attackers. Destroying the drones would put the attackers at a disadvantage from the start. As such, this is an important tip for defenders to follow when it comes to strategically gaining the upper hand in the game.

2. Use of Reinforcements

Players typically focus on getting kills or roaming the map without cover. With reinforcements, the defenders get a lot of protection and also prevent the attackers from seeing through or trying to hit the wall.

Rainbow Six reinforcements for mobile use
Image via Ubisoft

Everyone The defending operator holds 2 buffs, except Recruit since he only owns one. Therefore, the defenders must use these reinforcements to prevent the attackers from entering the bomb sites.

3. Waste of time

A better way to win a round is to waste time. Defenders should be running around wasting time instead of pushing for kills. Rainbow Six Mobile is a team game and it only makes sense if the team is focused on winning instead of going on a killing spree. Wasting time puts more pressure on the attackers, leading to a higher likelihood that they will make mistakes on their part.

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4. Play passively

Defenders are meant to play passively as their only motive should be to prevent attackers from entering the bomb sites. If the defenders manage to prevent them from entering the bomb sites, the attackers have no other way of winning the round than charging in. Since the defenders are already in different places and covering the bomb sites from the inside, it should be easy for them to drive off the attackers.

Final Thoughts

Being on both sides during a match allows players to gain a lot of experience using different operators. Players are advised to choose the right operator that suits their playstyle and make sure their gadgets and abilities are running. So, by implementing the above tips, players could improve their game quite a bit.

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