The 10 Biggest News Stories Of 2022

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Many of the biggest news stories this year are the aftermath of the COVID-19 global pandemic, including supply chain disruptions, economic uncertainty, and the adoption of hybrid work practices.

Turbulent 2022

Supply chain disruptions, economic uncertainty, IT industry layoffs, cybersecurity threats and multi-billion dollar acquisitions. So far as the year draws to a close, let’s take a look at what has become the biggest news story in the IT industry and channels in 2022.

Corona 19 itself may have faded into a top story. However, some of the major news this year comes from the ongoing impact of the global pandemic and its impact on the economy, IT industry and channels.

For example, ongoing supply chain disruptions have been a major challenge for the industry. Shortages of semiconductors, components and finished systems are forcing IT vendors and solution providers to struggle to meet customer needs. They also see supply chain issues as accelerating the adoption of cloud services, as IT products required to run on-premise data centers are often unavailable for weeks or months.

Economic uncertainty has kept many IT and channel executives up all night watching for signs of slowing sales or customer withdrawal. Many IT companies, from giants such as Intel, Cisco Systems, and HP Inc. to startups and solution providers, have launched cost-cutting efforts and laid off employees.

And amid major changes in how businesses operate, the telecommuting and hybrid work practices imposed on millions of workers by the pandemic now appear to be at least semi-permanent. This represents changes and opportunities in the IT products and services offered by the channel.

Some of the biggest news of the year concern blockbuster acquisitions that are changing the face of the IT industry and its channels. Some deals, such as AMD’s $49 billion acquisition of Xilinx, were the largest acquisitions in semiconductor industry history. Others are in the works, such as Broadcom’s pending $61 billion deal to acquire virtualization giant VMware.

The ongoing threat of malware, ransomware, and other cyber-attacks against businesses, government agencies, and IT firms remains a major problem that managed service providers are frequently targeted at. Changes in Microsoft’s channel programs and practices and their impact on partners made headlines this year. And how the IT industry responded to the war in Ukraine concludes the main article.

Here are the top 10 news stories for 2022, counting down from 10th to 1st. Take a look and see if you agree with our selection.

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