SYNDUALITY describes the world, the characters, and things that exist in this universe

Bandai Namco shared new information and scripts for new third-person shooter SYNDUALITY, announced on the last day of Tokyo Game Show 2022, developing a virtual reality tour of the universe.

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A New Large-Scale Science-Fiction Project Developed After the Crossroads of Humanity and Artificial Intelligence by Bandai Namco Group was published in October 2006.


Year 2222: A prequel that cleverly depicts the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence in a collapsing world.

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An 1884 novel about how people with artificial intelligence learn about the world.

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game overview

I’m with you.

I’m alone, but I’m not alone.

A shooter where players and players go out to spend a lot of time fighting with their partner.

There are not two experiences. The better you survive in this difficult world and keep adapting to the changing environment of this world, the more experience you will gain at Magus Partner.

You embark on a unique and exciting journey with your Magus.

World and history: I wish it.

2099. Blueshale, poisonous and wild, rained down on the planet. He suffered from disasters for weeks. The tears of the new moon wiped out 92 percent of the world’s population. Those who survived left Earth to build the largest city, Amasia.

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2222. Amasia has grown into a prosperous city in the hope of lasting happiness. But a year-long event of unknown cause causes the collapse.

It’s been a while since the war started so you, a doctor and a doctor from AO-Cycles, spend your days traveling to the dangerous lands aboard a motorcycle vehicle called the Cradle Coffin. Get your first-time partner Magus on your back.

The new moon comes out with a fire.

The name of the event that occurred on the new moon in 2099 has been given. Blueshale, a deadly unknown poison, stormed the earth. The rain was swollen but dark and completely unbleached, literally killing one person. The resulting environment made it very difficult for humans to survive on the surface, so the survivors built an underground city to escape the blueshale.


The State of the West is a vast city-state named after the ten-year-old. It is a city where everything from infrastructure to birth rate is controlled by artificial intelligence and citizens have the necessary standard of living. This city is lit by a giant cactus made of AO crystals.

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AO Crystals

Energy crystals grow from the teardrop of the new moon. In this new world, AO crystals are converted into electricity and used to be a new source of energy. Although there is no AO Crystal at all, Drifters must mine these types of crystals on a regular basis.


Creatures that roam the surface used to be a natural enemy of mankind. They fight people and secret services with their weapons.


ADA (voiced by Yui Ishikawa)


Humanoids easily dominate each other through humans – with an intelligence that thinks like humans. A reliable partner who rides the horseman – and provides versatile support from exploration to combat. Each player has their own personality and look. A player has a unique Magus accompanying them. ADA is the Magus partner of drifter Alba Kuze.

Alba Kuze (voiced by Yuuya Hirose)


Those who make a living digging for resources like the AO Crystals are energy crystals that grew on the surface after the tears of the new moon. The term originally meant vagabond and used in reverence for those who could roam in a harsh land. Alba Kuze is a young drifter who runs the Cradle Coffin Bowie Rabbit with his Magus partner ADA.

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cradle coffin

Bowie Rabbit

cradle coffin

A two-bike vehicle operated by the pilot and his Magus partner. A two-legged cruiser is also known as a panweather scuba cruiser. It has various weapons and gear for its inevitable encounters with Enders, and technology to adapt to the harsh environment of collecting AO Crystals. The box at the back was called the coffin and the cradle the pilot entered was called the cradle. Bowie Rabbit is an armed vehicle given to drifter Alba Kuze.

SYNDUALITY will be released in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox and PC.

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