Students, 10 features in Chrome that can help you ‘study better’

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser. The browser has several features that can help users increase their productivity. Chrome has some features that can be especially useful for students who are attending classes online or just working on the computer to do their homework or other study activities. Here are 10 ways Chrome can help students get work done in the classroom or at home:

live subtitles


live subtitles

Giving a video lecture online in a noisy environment without headphones can be a problem. Use Live Caption in Chrome to automatically generate real-time captions on media with audio. It works with various content like social and video sites, podcasts and embedded video players. The feature can also be useful for people with disabilities as it can help them read along while listening.

Use Chromes Tab Groups to organize projects


Use Chrome’s tab groups to organize projects

If you need to keep multiple tabs open while studying and can’t keep track, tab groups can be helpful. Sort open tabs into groups based on projects, subjects, or classes. You can move all the tabs you reference into a group and then click their name to collapse them when you’re working on other things.

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Open accidentally closed tabs


​Open accidentally closed tabs

Who doesn’t know this: you find the perfect website for your research project or a specific topic, but accidentally close the tab. Chrome is behind you. Press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + T to redisplay the last closed tab. Or check your history to see all the websites you’ve recently visited.

Sync your settings across devices


Sync your settings across devices

Whether you’re on your phone or laptop, you can easily sync your bookmarks, passwords and other settings across devices. Just link your Chrome to your Google account on all your devices and the data will be automatically synced.

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Right-click to search selected text


Right-click to search selected text

Another handy shortcut in Chrome is the ability to highlight text and right-click to quickly search for text. Reading a long text and not sure what “hyperbolic” means? Don’t have the “Using the Quadratic Formula to Solve” instructions and the equation handy? Highlight the text, right-click and choose Find [provider] to the [text]’ and a new tab will open with a pre-filled search for the selected text.

Use the Chrome address bar for replies


Use the Chrome address bar for replies

Chrome’s address bar can open more than just one website. Solve math problems, answer basic questions, or perform conversions in the Chrome address bar. Chrome shows you answers without you having to press Enter.

Download Chrome extensions for additional functionality


Download Chrome extensions for additional functionality

Whether you need a helping hand with note-taking, a better way to collaborate with classmates, or a little help with a tough math problem, there’s likely a Chrome extension available in the Chrome Web Store.

Use Chrome's password manager


Use Chrome’s password manager

With an endless list of online tools, websites, and apps needed for school, remembering all of your usernames and passwords can be a chore. Google Password Manager is built into Chrome to save your credentials and generate unique, strong passwords across platforms. And now you can also generate passwords for iOS apps if you set Chrome as an autofill provider.

Improve your security settings


Improve your security settings

If you come across a potentially malicious website or come across a malicious file while working, Chrome’s security features can protect your computer. Enable Advanced Protection to enable additional layers of security against phishing and malware.

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