Spatial partners with Exclusible & Polycount to bring luxury virtual real estate to the metaverse

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November 9, 2022 – spatialThe Web3 home that helps creatives build their online world and connect and share immersive digital experiences through web-based headsets, mobile devices, or Virtual Reality (VR) has announced an official partnership with Exclusible to bring luxury to the metaverse. through the new collection of virtual real estate

Exclusible in partnership with the official metaverse architecture studio Polycount. Two new areas will be launched: Yachts and Waterhouses. Exclusive to Spatial’s immersive and realistic platform, Spatial also announced Live Explore and Social Profiles to improve the ability to discover popular areas across the platform. This saw users spend more than 4 million minutes in Spatial each week.

New luxury yacht area in Spatial

The yacht occupies 109 square meters of virtual real estate. And it’s a request from the Exclusible community that attracts celebrities, individuals, communities and brands facing the future. It features 2 jet skis, a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, dance floor at the front, skyline views and even a private island. The Water House virtual space includes many dream spaces created by Exclusible. Through Polycount’s creative and production direction, users will be able to purchase spaces for everything from art exhibitions. professional meeting metaverse startup sessions, marketing activations for luxury brands, parties, concerts, and more.

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The latest collection follows the success of 2,500 luxury penthouses that the company said sold for $1.2 million on Spatial earlier this year, Spatial added with these recent additions to the area. 3D, the company, along with Exclusible, are setting the spotlight on a new luxury standard on Web3, demonstrating what a practical metaverse experience of photographs can be.

The new water house in Spatial

“The long-term partnership with Spatial is built on a shared vision to create spaces that are inspiring, elegant, accessible, customizable and useful. Our joint initiative brand Exclusible is the destination for luxury digital real estate. We now see the enormous potential of having Spatial as our official partner in developing immersive 3D and next-level digital experiences. We consider Spatial to be one of the most promising metaverses. Because of the highest quality graphics and usability and out-of-the-box functionality,” said Exclusible co-founder and CEO Thibault Launay.

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“At Spatial, we’re innovating how people work, play, and connect with communities that matter to them,” said Jinha Lee, Spatial’s co-founder and CPO. amazed And that’s why we spent nearly 14,000 hours in Exclusible Penthouses on Spatial in the past four months. We are honored to build a long-term relationship with the Exclusible team to create luxury spaces and designs that allow any person or brand to experience luxury in the metaverse.”

Timed out for the latest installment from Exclusible, Spatial has also released a feature update. to the platform which is part of the new design

  • live survey – Dynamically sort the area according to the amount of love and traffic they have. This makes it possible to categorize areas according to what is currently popular. Alive or most interesting to users The idea behind Live Explore is to give everyone an equal opportunity to be discovered. as well as showing the corner of the platform where people are at all times.
  • social profile – Paved the way for Spatial as a Web3 social network for users to create their own profiles. Follow their favorite creators and friends. And discover popular events, meetups and creations through a live curated explore page.
  • Sketchfab integration – Gives users access to the world’s most extensive library of 3D models and objects. for a more customizable and creative experience
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The company states that these updates will allow users to create larger and more vibrant communities. Improve discovery in all public areas. and high level customization on the platform

Experience Exclusible on Spatial today in the Penthouse community. hereFor more information on Spatial and its virtual platform for metaverse, please visit .com. website.

Image/Video Credit: Spatial/YouTube

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