Sotem Mobile’s launch of “Lord of Dragons” for entering P2E

New York, NY, Nov. Market about “Lord of Dragons.”

The P2E game “Lord of Dragons” is an ecosystem structure that uses NFT application. Unlike conventional games, “Lord of Dragons” is designed with a sophisticated two-track economic system that enables healthy P2E economic circulation. The LORT utility token will prime the gaming ecosystem, while LOGT will continue to be used as a utility but mainly for stabilization. All these tokens work in tandem with the Unity 3D Engine-powered gameplay for an immersive and fantasy mobile gaming experience.

The 3D MORPG mobile game “Lord of Dragons,” includes the technology and know-hows of developers who develop various RPG development, global services, and cooperation experience with publishers. “Lord of Dragons” is conducted with “multi-weapon system” and classic target game methods with attributes.

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“Lord of Dragons” consists of one continent, four regions and 29 regions to support a unique world view and story. Moreover, it is managed through regular updates. Implemented with Unity 3D engine, “Lord of Dragons” offers its vivid 3D graphics. In addition to Boss Raid and PVE∙PVP Duel, real-time guild siege combat up to 500 vs 500 players is expected to add even more exciting experience.

One of the special aspects of “Lord of Dragons” is that it activates communities that are difficult to form in mobile games. Players have also expressed great interest in one-touch customization and different patterns on monsters.

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Players can have their first hands-on with the game as early as January 2023 as Sotem Mobile works towards the global launch of LOD.

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