SnapLogic report reveals Aussie Workers lead the way on readiness to embrace AI

Guest research: New research from SnapLogic shows that 72% of Australian workers want to use AI in the workplace, but highlight the gap in skills and education.

New research released today by SnapLogic, a leader in intelligent integration and enterprise automation, reveals attitudes toward AI in the workplace: with nearly two-thirds of workers reporting that they Love the idea of ​​using AI in their role, either now or in the future.

According to a recent SnapLogic survey 1000 Senior management staff in large enterprises across United Kingdom, United States and AustraliaAll respondents expressed a clear understanding of the benefits of AI: More than half (54%) said they thought using AI would save them time. 46% said it would improve their productivity and 37% said it would reduce the risks and errors in their work.

When it comes to welcoming the idea of ​​using AI in their current or future role. Australians lead the way At 72%, compared to an average of 66%, with the UK respondents having the lowest tendency at 61%.

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However, respondents believe that skills are an issue, with one-third (34%) of respondents claiming that very few people in their unit have the skills needed to implement and use AI. . 39% said it would be difficult to get everyone in their organization to fully embrace AI. While 19% are worried that they will not be able to figure out how to use AI properly.

Respondents also highlighted key factors that will make them more capable of using AI in their roles now or in the future: 42% want a better understanding of how AI will deliver A particular benefit to them in their role, while 36% want a safety net. To reduce the risk that they will make a mistake.

Jeremiah Stone, CTO of SnapLogic, said: “The current business landscape is unpredictable, putting pressure on budget and resources, and ultimately on employees. Using AI to automate processes and increase productivity reduces this pressure. It is very encouraging to hear workers say they understand how AI can benefit them in their own roles, as enterprises need employees if they want to make the AI ​​process a success. .

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James Campbell, ANZ Regional Manager at SnapLogic“Australia’s technological ecosystem is going through an exciting phase of innovation and incredible growth. Combined with research showing that Australians are early adopters and high tech users, it is not surprising to see a strong AI appetite in the region.

“Knowing this, organizations need to step up to the plate by implementing AI-powered technology that is accessible and easy to use. “Linchpin in AI agility allows organizations to maintain flexibility and do more with less while maintaining high employee satisfaction.”

AI is being integrated into many different technologies and applications, including integrated platforms. Not uncommon for AI in the workplace, SnapLogic has developed Iris AI, the industry’s first artificial intelligence that enables automated low-level, highly repetitive development work, eliminating the deadlock of integration that can hinder business initiatives.

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Iris uses advanced algorithms to learn billions of metadata entries and millions of data flows through the SnapLogic intelligent integration platform. It then applies to learning to improve the speed and quality of integration across application data and business processes by introducing the next step of integration, building a complete integration pipeline, or preparing data for application-to-application or data work processes.

To find out more about how SnapLogic is helping the world’s most innovative enterprises get more out of their data and apps, visit or view the survey data infographic.

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