Siachen: Internet will now run rampant at an altitude of 19061 feet, Army activates service

The internet will now be on the highest battlefield in the world as the Indian Army’s Fire and Fury Corps has activated a satellite internet service on the Siachen Glacier.

Start of the satellite-supported Internet service in Siachen

Image source: ANI

The world’s highest battlefield will now have fast internet access as the Indian Army’s Fire and Fury Corps has activated a satellite internet service at an altitude of 19061 feet on the Siachen Glacier. After the start of the internet service in Siachen, it will now be easier for the armed forces to exchange intelligence information. Let us tell you that the Indian Army is constantly busy promoting itself. The army is also constantly improving to defeat the enemies. Strict security restrictions are put in place at the international border. In order to meet the needs of the army, a focus has been placed on the development of military equipment in-house for some time. The government has also taken many positive steps in this direction.

Earlier on Sunday, the Indian Army invited local arms manufacturers for emergency procurement of military equipment. The army said that in line with its commitment to fight the next war with domestic equipment, it has called on the domestic defense industry to provide critical defense equipment for emergency procurement. The Army described this procurement process as an open tender and said proposals would be submitted for weapons, missiles, drones, communications and optical systems, special vehicles, engineering equipment and alternative energy resources.

Referring to this invitation in several of its tweet messages, the army said domestic defense manufacturers should offer local defense equipment for emergency purchase. “This invitation is consistent with the Army’s commitment to fighting the future war with indigenous solutions,” the Army said. The Army said in its tweet that the offer of domestically developed defense products in emergency procurement will be for a limited period. “This procurement window is open to Indian industry for six months, and the industry is expected to deliver the equipment within a year of the signing of the purchase agreement,” the army said.

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