Senet Expands Public LoRaWAN Network Across New York City

PORTSMOUTH, NH–(BUSINESS WIRE). public LoRaWAN® network in all five boroughs of New York City. Combining operations of Senet’s carrier-grade tower-based network deployment, Radio Access Network (RAN) partner networks, and its extended coverage integration with the Helium network, Senet’s New York network is now one of the largest and densest metropolitan deployments of public LoRaWAN -Connectivity in North America.

Senet becomes carrier grade onramp for the Helium Network in New York City

Senet’s integration partnership with the Helium Network provides access to over 27,500 Helium-compatible hotspots in the New York City area, consolidating and expanding the LoRaWAN network coverage offered by Senet. Additionally, customers in New York City can now use Senet as their carrier-grade gateway to the Helium network. By onboarding their solutions through Senet, customers benefit from robust network and device management services that provide the highest level of reliability and responsiveness for scaled IoT applications. Connectivity to the Helium network is available standard through Senet’s extended coverage offering and at no additional cost to Senet customers.

This dense network coverage offers solution providers and end customers direct and measurable added value. For example, one of Senet’s key customers saw a 25 percent increase in coverage of connected outdoor assets by gaining access to Helium coverage in New York City through Senet’s managed network services. Senet and Helium will discuss their integration and customer benefits at the upcoming Helium House NYC event on Tuesday, September 20, being held at The Altman Building.

Senet will also present use cases and highlight its partnerships at the upcoming Dense Networks New York City Connected Cities Tour, taking place at The Palm on Thursday, October 13th. Those interested in registering to participate should contact Senet at [email protected]

With the ability to connect and manage millions of sensor-based IoT devices throughout New York City, Senet works with community leaders, commercial and residential building management providers, and utilities to introduce a variety of infrastructure modernizations, community services, and services and expand resource sustainability programs.

Gas Safety Solutions

New York is a leader in enacting laws to combat the dangers of gas leaks, fires and explosions in residential buildings. New York State Senate Bill S3705, currently in committee, requires all temporary and permanent homes in the state to install an operational combustible gas detector that wirelessly connects to the gas company. In support of this new legislation, Senet is conducting field trials with multiple gas safety solution partners and a major multi-utility service provider to develop and deliver gas leak detection and automatic shutdown solutions designed to improve safety and reliability in regional natural gas distribution networks.

Senet has also partnered with New Cosmos USA, a global leader in gas detection and gas alarm systems, and ProSentry, a provider of building monitoring solutions, to provide gas security solutions for New York City apartment buildings. To learn more about these initiatives, register for an upcoming webinar with speakers from Senet, ProSentry, and New Cosmos USA: LoRaWAN Sensors and Fire Protection: New York City’s Gas Detector Act and How It May Affect Gas Safety Nationally.

Detection of water and gas leaks, equipment malfunctions and pest control

Senet is working with building monitoring solution provider ProSentry to deliver a complete modular system of wirelessly connected building sensors for gas leaks, water leaks, cigarette smoke, vapor and THC detection, exhaust fan operation, elevator movement, boiler temperature and pest control. ProSentry’s building-wide system provides improved management and response for co-ops, condos, rentals, college housing, public housing and commercial spaces. ProSentry has rolled out its solution for the New York City area and is working closely with Senet to provide network services.

Food Safety and Compliance

Senet’s network is used to provide real-time insight into mobile food vendor services across New York City. Additionally, quick service restaurants in the region are using LoRaWAN sensors connected to the Senet network to automate temperature monitoring and replace manual processes with digital records to provide better insight into operating conditions and food safety.

“IoT technologies are increasingly impacting how some of the world’s largest cities build and operate municipal infrastructure and optimize service delivery, and with this state-of-the-art network deployment, New York City will be at the forefront of this new wave of innovation,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet: “Senet’s network in New York City is one of the largest and densest metropolitan deployments of public LoRaWAN connectivity in North America, and we look forward to continuing to partner with community and business leaders to drive operational efficiencies, resource conservation and macroeconomic vitality .”

About Senet, Inc.

Senet develops cloud-based software and services used by network operators, application developers and system integrators for the on-demand provisioning of Internet of Things (IoT) networks. In addition to industrial and commercial applications, Senet has developed smart meter networks for many municipal water service districts across the United States, representing millions of homes. With a multi-year lead over competing low-power wide-area network technologies, Senet offers service in over 180 countries and owns and operates one of the largest public-facing LoRaWAN® networks in the United States. Our breakthrough go-to-market models and key technical advantages have helped us become a leading connectivity provider with recognized expertise in building and operating global IoT networks. Visit for more information.

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